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  1. I like the new disease / allergy idea. The system obviously needs some polishing but I agree that there is no reason to take a dupe with allergies. Either you cant use the buddy bud for decoration and miss out on the morale boost or you need to make pills till the end of time. Does not seem worth it at all.
  2. Morbs deal with oxygen. Food of portal, shove voles and wild plants. Access water of bathrooms can be used for electrolyzers if you would need hydrogen. If you stay on low dups, it should be easy.
  3. I eventually upgraded to this, which has been working amazingly: Here is an old video I found, shows the basic automation: This is the automation for the same design with door piston (could be simplified):
  4. [Game Update] - 324933

    This has been annoying me for ages: Dig up area using priority nine -> plants are all five. Use priority x for upgrading power cable or piping -> priority five.
  5. Flatulent dupe in atmosuit

    Luckily I stumbled across this thread. Currently playing a flatulent colony (spoiler, not worth the hustle) and I had no idea they fart through exosuits. That is interesting to say the least.
  6. This happens occasionally. Might be connected to saving / loading the world during the design switching, can't say for sure. Haven't found a setup which does not mess up at all. This is what I am currently using and every so often the power switches get stuck: I usually have battery one with my normal settings (95/85) and battery two with "reset" settings (0/0). If the power switches get stuck, just copy the batter two settings to battery one to reset it and then go back to normal.
  7. Door Pump Automation Help

    I like this automation:
  8. I implemented your design with slight changes to my already build setup and it is working beautifully. I tried designing something similar to this a while back and got fed up with all the timings and annoyances (like buffer filter gates resetting during reloads etc.). This is a amazing build, love it.
  9. Can we maybe just get a safe? Would like to take a look at it in detail.
  10. Automated Printing Pod

    It's just a pleasant looking farm using only one light. You can fit more plants in the same amount of space using several lights. It's a nice farm for early game and I just never got around to clean it up. Will eventually replace it with an auto-sweeper friendly one.
  11. Automated Printing Pod

    I could use some help on the wild critter storage: I noticed that my slickster is gone and I lost a squeaky puflet. The slickster might have drowned (not sure but the pump output is not quite hooked up) and I guess it is possible for the pufts to lay a wrong egg and that one would starve? I need to pick those up and feed them back into the system which is an easy fix. Just to confirm so a wild critter even if it is confined and glum will still always lay one egg right?
  12. Morbs don't produce any polluted oxygen in a vacuum. Can be kinda annoying sometimes.
  13. Nothing really innovative here but I automated the printing pod a bit - eggs & food in a kinda cool way. If I get pacus, which has happened ~5 times in 600 cycles, then those wiggle their way into the tank below the portal. The eggshells and meat are combined with the critter eggs and food drops of the portal and get sorted in here: Four loaders for critter eggs, eggshells, finished food (gristle, pepper bread etc.) and ingredients (mushroom, sleet wheat etc.). Loaders at the bottom of the picture are to sort the cooking ingredients. The kitchen: Ingredients for cooking get dropped on weight plates. Those will eventually turn on/off farms: Autosweepers and the corresponding loaders get enabled by clocks + power switches. Cooking grills are controlled by automation based on amount of stored food: Zoomed out picture: All the critter eggs end up in here. I chose to not do any ranching as of right now, so all the critters in here are wild: Automatic cooling is hooked up as well as heating of the metal refinery for the slicksters: Eggshells and meat are send to the sorting room. Oxylite, bleach stone and slime are for now just sitting in the pens. I will later sort it with the loaders in the top right. Current colony: Really liking the open electrolyzer design (to save on power) as well as the power system: Shoutout to biopon, mathmanican, Saturnus & nakomaru for helping me with the big boy power system: Some other useful / cool builds in the world. Gas sorting system: I am also using gas & liquid door compressors which I personally like a lot: Gold volcano: Still have a steam vent, an iron volcano (boiling oil to petroleum) and a volcano (oil to sour gas) to play around with. Hopefully I inspired some of you with the shown designs
  14. Sounds like it might take less time than I thought, especially if you have dups basically living there and optimized their pathing. I personally just automate everything I can even if it takes more time getting it set up than it would ever save me. Just for fun and personal preference I guess. In my current world I am also using basically no heavy wire cable at all so metal is not really a concern for me but everyone can play how they want. Just wanted to point out for other people that you can build a minimalistic automated design for regolith.