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  1. Wow, I am so happy about the fixes with the transformers. That stuff was driving me insane for a while, especially since it wasn't consistent. We need some DLC so I can throw more money at you guys!
  2. Please give us a way to move and destroy the decorative structures. I shouldn't have to cheat to get rid of that crap but it would also be great if you could move it into your base and make a nice lounge area etc..
  3. This has been annoying me for ages: Dig up area using priority nine -> plants are all five. Use priority x for upgrading power cable or piping -> priority five.
  4. Yeah, it is kinda crazy. I go through a pair of shears every time I want to go to the end's well...
  5. Since the update, I need to shear all vines blocking the doors in the ruins every time I enter them. Kinda ridiculous.
  6. Happened to me as well, couple minutes ago so in the current update: Also was a new save file, created after the update!
  7. You are too quick, I was just about to delete my message. Yeah, shutting down the server and forcing it to update fixed it. Appreciate the help though!
  8. Every since the update, our paid citadel server is stuck on "registering master server in US lobby"... Anything I can do to fix that or is it a known issue currently?
  9. Building chest as far away from the door at the opposite wall will make it that you can open them but not with an item in hand to place it in there directly. Also after building a window on top of the chest, the chest hitbox got kinda shifted and became very hard to click.
  10. I'm kinda getting tiled that every time I react with confuse to another _Q_ post which makes no sense that I am just boosting his community reputation!