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  1. So I like building big bases. Usually I run into problems with producing & consuming too much power. I do not like to split my power system even though that is the easiest way to deal with this. In my last world, I used a design by Saturnus to put more than 20kw on a wire: Now I might have set it up wrongly but the problem I ran into is that my cable which had all the generators on it, would take damage because it would exceed the 20kw produced, not consumed. So in this beautiful picture, the black cable would often basically say "Produced 30kw (taking overload damage); Consumed 4kw". Is there a way to have all power producing machinery on one cable without issues or would the best way to handle this to just have two or three generator cables and than each connect to the output with the power switch & battery design like this: Now based on the thread of which I took the design, I guess the way it would work is that I would have two maximum three "generator cables" and only one output cable since the base should not exceed 100KW. Enlighten me with your wisdom people!
  2. Gantry Automation

    Unless this has changed in the preview, I would just take the output of the space scanner (detecting the rocket is returning and opening the bunker doors) to enable after a delay a liquid shutoff for x amount of time (however long it takes the rocket to get fueled).
  3. Gantry Automation

    I should be zero if the bunker doors are closed. Might be that I just have it set up in a bad way. My whole rocket silo is a mess Im kinda done with the world and will just do some testing once I get to the point again but if u want to check it out, here is a save: stableish.sav
  4. Gantry Automation

    Rocket & Gantry automation is quite straight forward now. However at least in my game, occasionally the rockets would destroy the bunker doors while landing if a meteor shower was currently occurring. Does anyone know how to prevent that without a water clock or similar over engineering. Seems like not everone has the problem so I am wondering why my scanners (1 per rocket) are not working consistently during meteor showers (obviously no direct sight towards space). My best guess is that you need 100% scan quality while I am at 96% and have been to lazy to fix it.
  5. On the topic of oil boilers. I just build my own design (using space materials etc.) going into it basically blind. Ignore the automation, it is an over-complicated mess but I would be really curious what the main mistakes are. I think I should have a vacuum seal between magma and heat chamber but overall I just tried to come up with my own solutions. Wonder how ****y the design is It does give me more power than I could use though so that is good. MM2.sav
  6. Timelapse:
  7. [Game Update] - 305080

    Yeah, it is kinda crazy. I go through a pair of shears every time I want to go to the end's well...
  8. [Game Update] - 305080

    Since the update, I need to shear all vines blocking the doors in the ruins every time I enter them. Kinda ridiculous.
  9. I use door compressors for liquid and gas in my current world, liking it a lot.
  10. Got it all working. Interestingly enough I had a lot of issues with the smart batteries not getting charged even though other smart batteries on the same network were full. Putting a few transformer in between my battery bank and your power switch design fixed it. I guess smart batteries don't "request" power from other batteries or something like that...
  11. So the transformers are not necessary at all? Even though the cable would show for example 50kw it would not affect anything? Also thanks for the world save, some interesting stuff hiding in there!
  12. I get the "switchero magic" with the power switches but why are you using transformers for each hydrogen generator? Removing them makes it that the power load shows in the network so what is it the deal with them? Could you also have several generators connected >4kw and use a large power transformer? Appreciate it!
  13. So as of right now, there is no way to connect a Hamlet world to an old RoG/Shipwrecked world? I am assuming that will eventually be patched and work... I have a day 100 Hamlet world which I would like to connect to my 1000 day RoG/Shipwrecked world eventually - I don't care if I have to "cheat" to spawn a silly string or whatever. Just curious if it works at all or if it is currently broken but supposed to work!?
  14. You can modify it to kill pufts etc.. It is hooked up to a clock so it would activate once every day. The only thing I don't like about your design is that you are using a pump. Switch it out for doors and it is decent!