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  1. Ranching problems

    I like dropping hatches using doors instead of using incubators.
  2. Cool liquid

    This design might have been made when Ethanol Distilleries had the fixed, low output temperature.
  3. Cool liquid

    The ratio of 3 to 2 is about how much heat the turbines can deal with. You will always need to add power to the system unless you are doing "exploity" stuff with the turbine.
  4. Cool liquid

    Ratio should be 3 aquatuners to 2 steam turbines.
  5. My understanding is that wild hatches should not die unless they are confined or cramped. Basically take the eggs out of the room. Overcrowded will not result in them not laying eggs, neither could they starve.
  6. You might need to take the eggs out of the pool. You need to avoid the cramped and confined debuff even with wild critters.
  7. You can just cool down the robo miners with morbs.
  8. Yeah, I get it, that is a nice way to go about it. I usually build a big power plant so heaving generators on a conductive wire is not a problem. And If I have some other power source far away, I just run an automation cable over there or a normal wire -> switch design -> control unit. I will have to play around with your design a bit.
  9. Uhh, I mean all power sources feed into the control unit with the smart batteries and transformers. So you just use the smart battery automation outputs to turn on the generators in your desired order. Guess i am missing something here but I don’t see the point of your flipper except to make it less of a hassle to go over 50kw and it’s slightly easier to run all generators on a normal wire. My issue was always just the 20kw which transformers limited you to, now that it’s to 50kw, generators - control unit - mainline works great.
  10. The video is well made, nicely done. Also nice to see people experimenting with new ideas but I think you are over complicating this or I don't get what you are trying to do. If you don't want the generators on a heavy wire, you would just go normal wire -> switch design -> control unit. If 50kw is not enough, you can just run solar power or whatever directly on the mainline.
  11. Steam Vent Tamer

    I understand now why mathmanican is so obsessed with waterfalls and bead pumps Maximizes power; the two turbines on the side only activate with 200C steam and the one in the middle only if steam is not too hot or if there is too much steam there. Could adjust depending on how much steam the geyser produces on average.
  12. You underestimate how much time I spend on here. Already saw that and bookmarked it. Will have to play around with it eventually!
  13. It was the first draft of the design. Here it is with sweepers included:
  14. Lots of great information in this thread. For everyone who is using mods, I want to throw this one out here: You have two sensors (one power produced; one power consumed) makes detecting the battery design being stuck easy.
  15. If you want you can link this thread. I am committed to keep updating it with every new tutorial!