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Germs will spread on the tiles they walk on, giving a better purpose for Plastic/Carpet tiles

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A few wash basins, stay away from Mushers s ome Deodorizers, and you've mastered the art of 'Bacteria management', thats how it is at the moment.

This suggestion will fix kill several birds with one stone you could say.. from what I see anyways. First things first, Germs got a new way to spread around Duplicants, having germs on your skin will do that they will spread on the tiles they walk on, lets say, every 3-4 tiles will spread a little goop of Germs on the said tile. Walking on the tile has a chance to apply some germs onto the dupe itself(Or dropping an item on it). Simple rules but it makes bacteria spread a bit more unpredictable.

Being Grimy should increase the chance of spreading bacteria from their skin, gives a better purpose for showers, other than Morale.

Okay so, Carpet tiles, new thing with QoL upgrade. They look pretty nice and they sport a little decor, but when compared to Metal tiles, their use is pretty bad ub comparison(Maybe they're gonna be buffed), but it gave me an idea that Carpet tiles when you can use Balm-lily to make them. Coupled with this germ spread system, it has higher chance to collects germs when walked on, but has less chance to spread it. This gives the Carpet tile a secondary clinical purpose.

And of course, Plastic tiles are self-explanatory which is already present in the game, antiseptic so germs die quicker on them. The issue was that germs never really spread onto Tiles. 


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