Different World Hopping

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If i build the skyworthy and travel to shipwrecked i spawn at the Seaworthy but i do not spawn at a Skyworthy when traveling to hamlet. I wanted to play like ohhh no i am trapped here (ROG), escape by building a boat = seaworthy. got shippwrecked in shippwrecked. realise that the fog is trapping me and try then to build the skyworthy.

So why spawning a seaworthy in shippwr. but not skyw. in hamlet when teleporting ? i would like to turn it of in world settings or have to find a new wreck in shippwrecked to build a new seaworthy for return.

Btw is it canon that you can switch worlds? and if yes how does it work. Is it rly a magic teleporter or are you building a real boat/ballon and are traveling?

It would be awesoem to build a real boat fill it with your stuff and then you are shipwrecked with random chances to find stuff you packed nearby and on other island in crates.

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