How to play Woodie in a Forge Speedrun.


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The most efficient way to handle Boarrior with Woodie is to draw out Boarrior's mid-range slam by chucking LucyAxe. 

But not canceling the Boarrior attack itself. 

If you play WOODIE for a run, You should have a clear understanding of Boarrior's basic information and behavior first.

1. Boarrior basic HP 34000

  under 90% add midrange slam, under 75% add whirlwind, under 50% summon pitpigs, 
  under about 13500 will dodge lifestaff circle and add jump attack to shorten distance from player instantly. 

2. About attacks

  normal attack - 200 AOE dmg, duration is about 3sec. if taking Woodie, you shall attack 4 times and chuck Lucy at the 5 time moment.
  midrange slam - 2 phases + 2 types dmg, about 5-7sec cooldown on same target. (see details below
  whirlwind - 2 phases dmg as normal attack do, about 8-10sec inner cooldown. 
  normal attack X 3 - only appeared on HP under about 15000, inner CD is about 10sec. 

3. About behavior & midrange slam

  All the mobs in the Forge will first attack the player closest to them, unless get attack by some threat attack(Anvil Attack, Chuck Lucy etc.)
  Boarrior's most powerful attack is midrange slam. And midrange slam can ONLY cast to the targets out of Boarrior's melee range. 
  When the current target of Boarrior changed, the midrange slam will reset its cooldown timer. 
  If the midrange slam is canceled the next other attacks will be instantly casted out.
  If the other attacks is canceled the midrange slam won't be casted instantly, unless Boarrior change the current target and the new target is out of melee range. 

  Midrange slam have 2 phases, 1st phase will make stun and do 2 different value of damage. 2nd phase will make knock back effect.
  1st phase do 200 dmg and a shorter stun to the closer(melee and little farther) players, do 80 dmg and a longer stun to the more farther players.
  2nd phase do 160 dmg and knock back all the players it affected.
  The stun time on 1st phase depends on the distance from Player to Boarrior. Therefore, the 2nd phase can be dodged if you are close enough to the Boarrior. 
  Contradiction is if you stand too close to Boarrior, you will take lot more damage from 1st phase. So find yourself a certain distance. 

4. Solution of Fighting Boarrior with Woodie

  If you want a more effective way to play Woodie, you shouled close Lag Compensation at the first time. 
  To draw Boarrior's mid-range slam as early as you can since when the Boarrior's HP is under 90%. 
  The more successful you draw out method works, the lesser damage your teammates will take. 
  Someone of your team have to stand in the melee range of the Boarrior. Or else Boarrior will move and your trick won't work smoothly. 
  Don't cast any special skill(Anvil attack especially) to Boarrior unless it moves first or the rhythm of this trick is ruined. 
  Melee don't equip Blacksmith's Edge. This is very important. Cuz Blacksmith Sword will fail this trick with Lucy can't let Boarrior change target any more. 
  The basic rule of this trick is don't let Boarrior move too much and don't let it attack your teammates by midrange slam.

Trick Video Link:

Original source link:

Our team:


I always appreciate open source spirit. That's why here is this topic. 
This trick can bring an at least 20sec improvement on the phase of Boarrior which makes it a masterpiece of Forge Speedrun. 
The majority of this Woodie trick was based on last year's Champion team's work. 
Thus I think the honor of developing this trick belongs to the team of TShawKiller, GlassArrow, eXiGe, Faraday, NotBill, Kilimepie (Da real MVPs).
And if you guys have any question, you can easily contact with them in this forums. 


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