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Bush Hat & Bird

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I don't know if it works, and I don't want to be told whether it does or not (I like to find out on my own):

If the bush hat doesn't already, I would like to see it work for hiding you from the giant bird. If its in the sky and you bush-hat, it should just fly away without ever landing (IMO), and if it lands and you bush hat, give it a 50/50 chance or something that it lost site of you, gets confused, and leaves.

=-=-=-= Not Very Important: Detailed Reasoning Follows =-=-=-=-=-=

The bird ate me several times, and took me to the nest several times, when there's nothing for me to do there but go through the caves and go back home. It was actually rather boring, and while a little annoying, more boring.

It was particularly boring that the bird seems to take two or three in-game days to bother landing, so I'd wait for it to land so it doesn't land on me, and that's boring, and then it might or might not take me, and if it takes me, its just a boring trek back home.

Sure the bird is an obstacle like the bats or anything else, there's some sanity loss, and it could catch a person at the wrong time and they're not prepared to survive, but as any obstacle there are easier and harder ways to deal with it. I'd like the bush hat to be one way to deal with it. - If the player wants to deal with the bird that way, they have to carry the hat with them or keep it nearby, which would be the trade off to dealing with the bird that way.

(I wish the bush hat would trick the dogs in DST. - Last I Tried, it doesn't. I never tried in DS:ROG)

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