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I came up with this contraption which distills 6000 grams/sec of polluted water with a single liquid aquatuner. 5bfa9ab0a9d70_watertreatment.thumb.jpg.0376d32b0f8f6ebc921afddae2b84f7a.jpg

Notice how there is a random tepidizer at the bottom, but that is because I had no use for the cooling of the aquatuner itself, which has plenty of other uses. The water itself comes out as the EXACT same temperature as the polluted water without additional cooling, which is quite notable in regards to the throughput of 6 Liters a second.


Notice the small detail of how the heat of the polluted dirt is recycled to heat the incoming polluted water so that no energy goes to waste. It is dirt cheap to produce and does not require any thermium. Although thermium at some locations would be an improvement.

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6 hours ago, Lifegrow said:

Well done bud. It's a bit of an old build that people have been using since the aquatuner was first introduced - used to be the main way of cooling them for a good while.



I do not use the aquatuner to cool the water at all. The aquatuner can be used for anything in your base. The water gets cooled by the polluted water and nothing else.

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