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Wrangling and Not delivering?

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Please- change the AI coding so that when dupes wrangle they immediately bag and deliver.

I'm sick and tired of these 'half-measures'.   They'll wrangle and just let the critter sit there and go off and deliver something else- when they could be just delivering the critter.

It's a huge waste of time.

It's the same problem as the repairing.  They'll deliver some material but they could just stop for a moment and finish the job rather than doing it half ass.

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In theory it`s more efficient. But that only comes to effect when there are multiple wrangle instances. Only a trained rancher can wrangle so if you want to move multiple critters it`s more effective to wrangle all of them first and let other dupes deliver. Same with ultiple repair instances. It`s more effective to to deliver the material first and then have a dupe do all the repair without going back.

But for single instances it`s a waste of time. Maybe the critter relocation should go under the ranch priority and inherit the wrangle priority of the captured critter so the rancher would just pick it up as it`s the highest priority and closest task for him.

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