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How do I add custom voice?

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Hello, so since I am making a totally new character for myself I would like to add him some custom voice. I have made the samples of the voice sounds but no tutorials help me, either they are out of date or the files don't look like mine at all. Anyone care to give me a source that is easy to follow or to explain it themselves? I am really new to all this so I am still learning!

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23 hours ago, JohnWatson said:

this still works, but doesn't cover a few new character sounds like singing the carol

Thank you a lot! I actually found this once before but couldn't find it again after I lost track of it.

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On 1/16/2023 at 11:44 AM, ChrisSnayCj said:

i have a quest.... how to add carol?


hey there! to add a carol, in your project, make another sound event, name it carol, then put your carol audio into the event. Make it have the same effects as the others, and make sure its a successive loop. Then do the same thing the creator does with all the other sounds and when you go to code it, put

RemapSoundEvent("dontstarve/characters/meatgood/carol", "meatgood/meatgood/carol")

rename "meatgood" to your character's name!
hope this helped!

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