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  1. When webber has a tamed spider that doesn't attack other players, other players still detect it as a threat and won't sleep! it may also apply with gifts but i am not sure
  2. I made a playermod for the youtuber OrangE and someone suggested making him say "Hello Everyone" upon spawn and I really want to do that. How??? - Hello Everyone - OrangE Soundbite #1 (128 kbps).mp3
  3. In freecrafting, when you build a chess piece, the sprite does not show when picked up. Only started happening after the new update.2022-03-24 17-46-43.mkv I found this while I was working on my build world and fixed places I didn't put chess pieces at. Edit: I said godmode, I meant creative mode. My mistake.
  4. Thank you, this helps! I knew some of the things i wasn't supposed to changed but didn't know exactly what.
  5. I want my character to be like WX78 where he is damaged by rain, overcharged, and can eat gears. I tried copy and pasting WX78's code to my character.lua and changing some of the words that said WX78 to my character's name except for sounds but it didn't work. if anyone knows how to get this to work that would be appreciated.
  6. I found out how to make him neutral to clockworks, but the rest i haven't figured out
  7. Hi. I'm making a character that is a rook so i want to make him neutral to clockworks.. uh.. How do I do that? I also want him to have stats like WX-78 where he is hurt by rain, has benefits from an electric shock, and can eat gears.
  8. Youtuber OrangE posted a video where he put all 100 videos playing each over each other and someone commented someone should make the insanity sound the audio of the video. I want to do this but I have no idea how, so I'm just asking for assistance. How do i change an audio in the game? I want to do this before Zaptrap beats me to the punch by one minute again like he did with the Walter reading creepy pasta mod
  9. The only template I can find is for the first game and so I'm not sure if it works with don't starve together. Oh and also it's from 2014 so I'm even less sure of that. I know what I need to use but I don't know how to make it.
  10. I'm not sure if other people can see, but you're able to spawn in items even when you're not an admin. Though it's not interactable and you can't click on the things you spawn, you can still spawn in light for cheating in a public server. Fix this?
  11. I'm making a character mod and I want to make her a special form when it's a full moon. My character takes care of these ghosts called The Lost. The Lost are beings who died twice. They live in constant agony and rely on my character to take care of them. I'm thinking of putting them into my mod but maybe not, I don't want people to play a character who's always getting bugged by these little ghost things all the time. During a full moon, The Lost gains full power. I want the lost to haunt my character when it's a full moon turning her into a monster. I want the monster to have: ATK: 55 SPEED: 3 Ability to break rocks It's a mechanic based off of Woodie.. Thing is...…. I have no Idea how to do this. I have the idea in my head and how it will work, but idk how to do it. I'm not experienced with code AT ALL. I don't know anything about it. I want to make it even if it means copying some of Woodie's code. It just seems like a cool idea. If anyone can help me or give me some tips THANK YOU SO MUCH!
  12. I'm making a character mod. I want to give my character a favorite food (specifically dragon fruit). How do I do that. (I'm using the character template mod by Dragon Wolf Leo.) Edit: I want to make Dragon fruit give her a health bonus