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Item Frames - Visibly see how much of an item you have with a configurable in-world marker

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I'd like to see a new building, the item frame, that lets you add any item (1kg of it?) to have it appear in-world in a fixed location.

The primary application of this is to have a more organised compactor inventory, where you could have groups of compactors by type (indicating their type with one from the group, such as sandstone for raw minerals) or individual compactors for each specific thing.

Not sure what other uses it would have. Maybe a small decor boost?

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13 hours ago, Hexicube said:

Seems like I missed the recent beta branch, might be a useless suggestion if pedestals do what I think they do.

I think the pedestals are meant for artifacts you bring from space. Maybe you will be able to put other stuff there as well. It was possible in the last preveiw before Space Industry where they leaked the pedestal by accident.

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Actually, pedestals are also at minimum capable of displaying ores that are solid at room temperature. I'm trying to figure out the elements.json modding stuff and ran across pedestal stuff in the code.

That said, the pedestal isn't currently testable yet, it's not in any build menus.

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