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Drops Tweaker Mod -- v0.5.1 -- SANITY UPDATE


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Downloads page:

Drops Tweaker Mod -- v0.5.1 -- SANITY UPDATE

(Download button fixed -- NOT UPGRADED FOR WINTER UPDATE YET)

UPDATED for compatibility with BetterChester

RELEASED but needs more testing, feedback and functionality!

Makes changes to drops of several creatures per this request thread by [MENTION=8544]Will[/MENTION]


* Krampus drops its sack 10% instead of 1%

* Tree Guards drop Monster Meat instead of normal Meat

* Were Pigs drop Monster Meat instead of normal Meat

* Killer Bees only drop Stingers, no Honey

* Butterflies drop Butter 10% of the time instead of 5% <-- NEEDS TO BE VERIFIED

* Gobblers drop Meat or Drumstick instead of Morsels and Drumstick. Only one or the other.

* Chester drops a Morsel.

Game Version:

Sanity Update HF2 (2013-02-14_03-22-19 Build: 72968)


1. Download the zip file to your desktop (or preferred download folder)

2. Extract the zip to a folder (usually the name of the zip file) and open

3. Review installation section of the README for Drops Tweaker Mod.txt file

4. You can open any of the lua files with Notepad to edit


Files Changed:

bee.lua, butterfly.lua, chester.lua, krampus.lua, leif.lua, perd.lua, pigman.lua; SGchester.lua

Files Added:


BetterChester (chester.lua)

[*]Install DropsTweaker mod BEFORE BetterChester or replace chester.lua with the BetterChester version AFTER installing DropsTweaker

[*]There is no need for chester to drop anything (other than its contents) since this mod keeps it from being targeted

Horrific Scarcity Mod (butterfly.lua)

[*]Install DropsTweaker mod BEFORE Horrific Scarcity or replace butterfly.lua with the Horrific Scarcity version AFTER installing DropsTweaker

[*]Both mods change the drop probability so a rather minor issue for gameplay....just don't kill butterflies!! (well unless you are playing Wendy)



Added compatibility for other mods (changed files: SGchester.lua)


Preliminary release for Sanity Update

Please report any issues with this mod or suggestions here.

Thanks and enjoy!


Inspired by a thread from [MENTION=8544]Will[/MENTION]

Archived Discussion Thread:


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Ok, coolI think I will wait until the Winter update to see what the new mod support will allow instead of releasing the generic override I came up with to handle drops from anything in the game. Hate to go too far and then not be able to re-create it after the update.

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So.... -3 rating for this mod but no posts here as to why?Not helpful people! Provide feedback! Foamy commands it!Anyways....I am hoping to get this upgraded by this weekend....for whoever happens to like this mod. And yes, I am still hoping to make it configurable so the players can set the drops to whatever they like.

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I tried to click on the link to the mod and got this:

vBulletin Message

Tazgirl18992, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons:

1. Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone else's post, access administrative features or some other privileged system?

2. If you are trying to post, the administrator may have disabled your account, or it may be awaiting activation.

If it happened to others, that could be why you got -3 rating.
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Lol, well that would make sense....could have sworn I fixed that earlier....ah well....fixed it now.

And what *specific* feature are people not liking? The krampus sack? The no honey? All the monster meat?

I think I will change chester's drop to ash...seems more fitting for keeping a memorial for his previous incarnations :D


It's probably you lowering the rating since I have not updated it yet... :biggrin-new:


Hmm, maybe should change the name to... Will's This Game Should Make Sense To Me Mod


Edited by WrathOf
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[MENTION=13164]Tazgirl18992[/MENTION]Yeah, but a meat is worth 3 morsals/drumsticks and you get a 50/50 chance...come to think of it wouldn't 2 drumsticks make more sense?@Alpaca's, StarvingYeah, currently it's more about making things more logical to Will and other likeminded people versus making gameplay easier or harder.

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I don't get why people hate this. It's not uber 1337 HAXXOR invincibility mod, nor is it an evil "MUAHAHA! everything does one million damage!" mod.Though, now that I think about it, that may be EXACTLY why everyone hates it. The noobs are like "Meat OR drumstick? Why not both? And give me honey from bees!" While the ultra-hardcore players are like "1% chance drop on EVERYTHING- oh, and make it rain hellfire instead of water.":hopelessness:

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