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  1. I want one but I'm afraid they'll be sold out before I can even look
  2. Yeah I asked if we could take a break as I was busy with RL stuff but I'm back and ready don't know about everyone elseOh yeah science have you looked at eveyone's names and traits and stuff before we start?
  3. I'm back and Science I'm with Mallory and RetroMad and F3RR1S are set up somewhere else you can join either group
  4. Is it ok if we take a break for a hour or so I'm really busy with IRL stuff and I don't wanna be left out in the story
  5. I see what Mallory is talking about there is some humans up ahead who have set up campWe head over to investigate.
  6. "All you follow me now this isn't going to be nice but your all going to huddle round me"I tug on the rope 2 times and we all get sucked down
  7. We all regroup to see that Mad is missing "I'm going to jump back through and tie this rope to my self when I tug on it pull me out, GOT IT?"
  8. Grabs the everyone who's laying on the floor and puts them over his shoulder and tells the pigs to follow him"GUYS NO TIME FOR CHIT CHAT LET'S GO"We barley made it in time.
  9. A strange women pops out from my brothers throne "IT'S THE WORMHOLE!""EVERYONE GET IN WE HAVEN'T GOT MUCH TIME!"A lighting strike from a bishop hit's me in the shoulder"Ooo dammit, I'm down just go ahead I can manage"
  10. (Replys to pig)"I know my brother had an emergency wormhole around here. He must of took it. GO QUICK START LOOKING EVERYONE!"
  11. Alright just pause for a moment for [MENTION=7492]stormfront[/MENTION]