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Fridge - able to switch off cooling

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Hi everyone

Like in topic, it's waste of energy if you have cooled enviroment or dry food, which don't decayed.

After switch off cooling should work like a smart container, only drain power when change state.

Normal, if fridge isn't power, automation output doesn't work :(

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On 22.11.2018 at 5:39 PM, Neotuck said:

most players don't power their fridges if in sterile or cold environments 

and you can use automation now by placing a thermo sensor near the refrigerator connected to a power shut-off

you don't read what i wrote...

automation in refidgeritors only works when is powered

I have automated meal preparation, when refridgerators are full, mushers and grills are switch off

better solution is to have this option what i want and put frigdes to cooled room.

and thanks that power consuption will be lees then now

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