How exp gain system works?


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So I've just finished a really unpleasent forge match.

Halfway through 1st boarilla round woodie had to go afk for 2 minutes. I told our wicker (who was using the "skip attack aniamtion" and "attack 2 enemies at once" strategies) to calm down with these attacks cuz we need to heal up and we can't have 2 scorpions constantly attacking us.
"Be quiet" was her response. Now this is better then "Shut the f up" but somehow it made me really mad. So I did what the rest of the team suggested and stopped attacking the boarilla. And since Wicker was the only one spam-attacking it it aggroed on her. She isntantlly trew all her items on the ground and died.
"Ok I'm afk" she told us after Wilson rez'ed her. In this exactly moment woodie came back but it was too late. Wicker was already spamming her emotes. Wilson took the healing Staff and we continued. Unfortunatelly our woodie sucked at blocking rihnos buffs and the dmg output of our team was so not equall we ended up dying on rihnos.
"Ty for exp, noobs" Wicker told us and left the room.
This is what i want to know: can she actually farm exp through trolling? That's why I have some questions:

-What exactly do you get exp from, apart from quests or daily bonuses?

-Do you get more exp from shorter or longer rounds? And if from longer does your "exp timer" also count time you spend being dead?

-Do you stop gaining any exp durring match when you're dead?

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Last time I checked everybody gets steady 4 EXP/sec. Didn't check for death situations, but for roles like tanks, it would be rather unfair if that was a thing.

Except for the 'victory' or 'you died after this monster'-bonus, only the 'No death'-bonus for yourself and the team are worth mentioning. I think. They still don't make a huge difference, though.

So, yeah, trolls get almost as much exp as everybody else. Although, if one really only looks for exp, joining an afk-server would make a lot more sense. What that Wicker did was just completely irrational. Don't pay too much attention to folks like these, this is often exactly what they want you to do.

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I've already seen lvl 60 players who join a group made by lvl 1-10 players and are afk the whole game to farm exp. Because low players like these only want to enjoy the game, they didn't suicide but kept playing till Boarrior killed them all.

Exp gain works same as in normal servers: You get skins as long as you're ingame.

(Reason why I joined a lvl 1-10 server: Accomplishments)

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