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I was playing on a server with my friend the other night, just the two of us, I was Maxwell (trying something new) and she was Winona. She was out away from camp gathering and I was crafting some stuff by our fire pit. Suddenly, IRL, I hear one of my housemates yelling something. I pop off one headphone and it is in fact my housemate yelling my name. I turn attention back to the game for a hot second a low and behold it's night time and I'm not fast enough to put any fuel in the fire pit. Honestly I just kinda stared at the screen and told my friend I was dead and I had to go deal with something. I leave my room and walk into the kitchen where one of my housemates is standing on a chair and the other is pointing at the floor. "There's a cream colored scorpion on that tile!" But the housemate on the chair can't see it, and she doesn't have shoes on, so she's afraid to move from the chair (fair). The other housemate is just afraid of scorpions. I have mentioned that the two things I don't do are spiders and scorpions, but I take a closer look at the tile and I still can't see anything. Finally I realize it's orange and pretty small so I just grabbed a pan and smooshed it. I went back to my friend and the DST server and explained I did indeed have to go kill a scorpion. Thankfully it was the first time we had found one in our house and we haven't seen any since.

Needless to say if would have been even funnier if I was playing Hamlet instead, but that's the story of how I died in DST because of a scorpion in my house :wilson_ecstatic:

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I once had to break off playing DST for a bit because spider.  So yeah, I know what you mean.  In my case, it was a daddy longlegs with a leg-span THE SIZE OF MY PALM (I have small hands, but _geesh!_) crawling across the curtain right in front of me.  I know they're normally helpful and take care of the other bugs and yada yada, but one when is in my _bedroom_ and that close to me...yeah.

If that spider was someone's beloved pet or companion animal, I apologise.  : P


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