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An Abundance of Poop

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I'm sorta hoping there's a recipe for something that requires poop coming to the alchemy machine in the final product, because I have so much of it! The pigs on the second island have SO MUCH manure on the ground - sometimes stacks of it - and there's probably a limit in handing out oincs for maintenance; I'm only being compensated for about half I pick up. There's all this in the photo and 40 more in my other base near the Capital. I feel like I need more things to do with poop besides many farms. 

don't starve poop.JPG

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You can force immediate growth of crops with poop. Buy some starter seeds of the better crops and get yourself a bunch of great crops via farms, poop (possibly bucket o poop, and a birdcage.

I do understand what you means about wanting a crafting option with that abundance.

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