My First Five-man Victory / Toxic Players


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Hey guys, I'd just like to tell you all that I completed my first five man on the Rhinocebros! It was really fun and challenging, but that is not what this post is about. As you may see, there is actually six players, and you may be asking "Why is Wicker's name blotted out" and "Why does Wicker only have participator?" The answer to this question comes from toxic player. We won two games in a row, with the same players playing the same characters. The first game went smoothly, no problems at all. Suddenly, in the second game, our Wicker and our Woodie got into an argument over something, I am not even sure what it is about. This argument ended with our Wicker dying, telling us to reset and that our Woodie was useless and was the reason she died (he was not). Mind you, this was in the second pit pig phase. Our Wicker was calling us all trolls and toxic players, and refused to help out at all, instead flaming us and yelling at Woodie. Our Woodie was one of the best Woodie's I've seen so far (shout out to Fall) and he was doing everything in the game right. The game ended with our Wilson being healer, and we defeated all the challenged, so thank you to such an amazing team. 

I decided to blot out our Wicker's name to avoid witch hunting and flame. At any moment I could release this players name, and tell all of you to avoid this player, but that is not what I am about. This is one of the best communities I have seen, but players like this exist everywhere. It is sad to see people like this, but I am glad that not everyone is this. Thank you again, to such an amazing team and community, and if you ever meet anyone like this, just keep pushing on without them.

5-man Victory.png

EDIT: I stayed in the match while I was writing this post, and when I came back everyone had left except the wicker, and a new player (level 76) had joined. Apparently, I had been in their for a while, because while I was gone, this Wicker told the new guy that I was a troll, and that they were going to make a new server. After the Wicker had left, I asked this new player if they were new. I meant new to the match, because I am not good with names, but they told me "Do I look like I am new?" I worded that poorly, but as I was writing to warn this player of the wicker, they said "Cya" and left. I feel bad for that person, and I hope that they realize their mistake of following that Wicker.

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Yea Toxic players can be pretty darn inconvenient to deal with. Reminds of when I think it was our wilson maybe went a little braindead during boarrior and accidentally held F in one healing phase. One of our guys almost ragequit because he though he was throwing. Just goes to show how on edge some people can be. Regardless It's cool to see a team that works well together. I think I even recognize a name or two out of that squad! I think this comes to a reminder for us all that a positive attitude is important in things like this. Even small acts of saying "it's okay" when someone messes up or just keeping a positive demeanor can do so much.

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