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Pet Flytrap

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Thinking that we have Hound trap and Houndius Shootius, it would be nice to have a pet flytrap.

Think about this:

It would be on a pot, so you could carry it, and have spoilage/percentage/health or some kind of ballancing, it could have less damage than the actual Flytrap, but it would attack everything nearby, like the elephant cactus.

It could use something like Flytrap stalk, fern, manure and alloy/rocks

That would be pretty nice to help against bats

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I kinda like this thought, although I'd say take a few things for consideration:

You can only make the pot for the plant, maybe 2 cut stone and 2 manure. The plant itself needs to be taken from a seed which you get from the big plants. Maybe an 8% drop rate?

The plant grow slowly for a few days until it is fully grown, it won't count as a hostile monster so neutral mobs would leave it be, he can only attacks bugs, mosquito, scorpions, the weevole and such things. He becomes restless after a few days if not fed, and then become hostile to anything it has within it's reach, it can be pacified by feeding it meat.


A bit of down-grade maybe, but I think this is a good way to deal with lesser bugs and annoyances.

It could also be an eye.bird thing, where after a few days it becomes a fully hostile plant.


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Loved your ideas.

You have to feed them, they become aggressive if not fed, and dies after not being feed after someone.

It could eat the insects, that's a very nice idea, maybe someone it will be fully fed, so it will not attack anything

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