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Auto Hamlet farm ideas


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Use flytrap stalk as a turret and defend for bat swamps. Lure seedlings to base and drop 3 meat to make stationary. They are aggressive and will attack anything, they don't seem to eat meat off the ground. Also, use it to get butterfly wings?

Frogs attack butterflies but don't eat them.

Use Hippotamus to destroy town walls to get a ton of stones, chop down trees, and get early berry bush without triggering guard pigs. Wear armor because it's dangerous. 

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54 minutes ago, metallichydra said:

flytraps spawn seedlings, so you'd need to somehow kill or prevent the seedlings from spawning, before they grow into flytraps, which spawn more seedlings (you dont want to be overrun)
or just trap them I guess, If there's a limit on how many seedlings each flytrap can have.

Maybe this could work like the lureplant? 

I mean, if the Flytrap is in concrete or man-made floor, it could not spawn seedlings


Edit: Or even better: Think about the Hound trap. Maybe we could do a "Flytrap trap", it could be like a simple-mini flytrap on a pot, maybe with less damage, it would be nice

I created a suggestion thread for this.

Let's discuss in there :D 


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