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Change the eating animation to actually display what they’re eating

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You know what is satisfying? Fixing a farm to give them new and improved food. What is less satisfying? You dont really see them eat it since they just shove it into their mouths. 

The eating animation now is pretty funny, but it should be changed and be a ’bit’ more dignified. Both when eating on the ground, and on Mess tables.

When on the ground, they will sit down with the food next to them, and take a small ’chunk’ off the food(the food doesnt visually change) with their hand and stuff it in their mouth and eat as usual, chew a bit, and then grab another chunk. When eating off a mess table, they will use utensils and use them to take chunks and eat. The time it takes to eat is exactly the same, only the animation is slightly different.

Perhaps theres a small animation when they’re doing eating, instead of abruptly leaving the table, like just wiping their mouth before moving on. 

This allows you to see what they eat, and makes it slightly less disgusting when they put the entire food in the mouth, and if they cancel the animation, the food will just plop out on the ground.

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There already is an animation of them eating while holding the food but it`s used for the binge eater stress reaction. The dupe just holds pieces food in both hands and eats them. It would be nice to have an animation of them holding the food while eating (maybe they could just put the remaining part in their mouths at the end of the eating process), they could hold the food in their hand if eating on the ground or put it on the table if sitting by it.

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