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Passing the days, i've seen pretty much skilled woodies that actually fight the boarilla instead of running from it, doing a perfect timing to actually don't take any damage while fighting (by throwing luvy at certaim times) and even dodging the rolling with no problem

Does anyone know the strat to make that perfectly?

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From watching streams, I'd say it's four axe swings, throw, one punch before Lucy returns, repeat.

I think I've only dodged rolls twice, so I can't help you with that.

Anyway, the difference between the casual throw and run strat versus Woody fighting a boarilla alone will pale in comparison to the damage output once the whole team is focused on it.  It probably doesn't make enough impact for speed-based quests.  And for a competitive speed run, from what I saw last year those teams just fight both boarillas at once and hit them both with AoE damage.

I think there's more benefit to learning the timing to cancel Boarrior's attacks.  If you can cancel most of them, then you can fight through the heal non-stop, which has significant time savings.

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