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Question related to NPC (including mobs) relationship status

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When you do something that pisses off a guard   like accidently taking a flower or hit the chop tree button but not chop the tree yet,  do they eventually become friendly again over time?

Is there a way to regain the friendly status or pacify them?  Like give them food?   

I know tree guards in DST  you can plant trees and they stop being angry for example.

If there are mechanics for   relationship status     are there mods that have meters or bars to help see these status ?

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3 hours ago, RonEmpire said:

what do  you mean drop?

so if I put the coins on the ground   -  I can get it back and people will forget me?   or are you saying put down 10 coins  for the guard to take?

AFAIK If you let chasing guard pick up 10 oincs he'll stop being hostile. I vaguely remember one speak something like "not enough" when I dropped 1 oinc, but it might've been something like enough meaning I pissed him off in the first place.

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