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Color Code NPC owned resources please

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Okay- the reason for this suggestion is that I randomly or accidently clicked on chop tree  somewhere near town  and usually chopping trees don't trigger guards or get guys pissed at me.

But one time, I clicked on a tree and then the entire guard started to swarm and attack me.

It would be useful if you guys have some sort of  icon or color code or something   that helps player know what   plants (flowers,bushes,saplings,etc), boulders, and trees are owned by the NPC pigs to avoid   random aggro triggers. 

And maybe some sort of reputation/friendly meter that indicates if they're friendly and if its possible to move that meter bar  it would be nice to see that you've made progress towards  regaining their trust/friendly status again.

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anything in the range of their " outskirt turf " is their property ( except the grass and tree next to your home )
and the farmers outside are " set pieces " and are neat you can see where the set piece start and ends, it shouldn't be a problem, also
Don't Chop those Birchnuts mate plants have feelings you know. xD

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