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can not use custom variable in class??


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well...this really drive me insane...not wilson,i'm sorry,it's me......try to modify data\scripts\components\sanity.luaadd new variable self.ct = 1

local Sanity = Class(function(self, inst)    self.inst = inst    self.max = 100    self.current = self.max	--local dt = 1	--self.task = self.inst:DoPeriodicTask(dt, function() self:Recalc(dt) end)	self.inst:StartUpdatingComponent(self)	self:Recalc(0)	self.rate = 0	self.sane = true		self.ct = 1	end)
then in the function below
function Sanity:DoDelta(delta, overtime)	self.ct = self.ct + 1end
self.ct = self.ct + 1,crash the game...well,this really make me insane,cause the original clauseself.current = self.current + deltajust do so,and no crash....so,what's wrong....:fatigue:i can not add a custom counter timer and change it??
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