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  1. ok,wish you guys good luck.and i give up trying this,seems it is really a hard work to analyse unknown tables.
  2. [MENTION=4779]cejoga[/MENTION]good,actually i am going to do the same thing,so i just want to ask some question if i may.that saved file looks odd to me,how you decode it to human readable text?is it possible to get some clue from gamelogic.lua file?cause yesterday i found some table in the file,it seems it recorded some prefabs and player infomation.but i don't understand how it works to convert saved data to that table.i think maybe you have finished your data analysis
  3. [MENTION=4779]cejoga[/MENTION]hi,this seems pretty cool,how is it going?any test version to try out?and can't help asking,is this something like save editor,reading saved data and edit and change map to what you want?if it is,then it's very useful,cause we can create some map with bitmap image of something.
  4. great advice,and give up adding timer to rock,i really can't get it work...:fatigue:right now simplely spawn new rock far away from player 500-1000 units,and within the map and on valid ground,good enough for me...and for tentacle still working on....EDIT:got some trouble on tentacles.have dealt with spawn new tentacle algorithm(just check tile with Midpoint circle algorithm,and judge if it is 8(marsh tile),then push all possible inst in a table,randomize a number from total number,that's it),but i can't find tentacle onDeath Event.....differ from rock,there is no "inst.remove" code how can i get the time when tentacle is dead,and execute my custom function?
  5. it seems some resources are Non-renewable resources,like rock,tentacle(monster or enemy i guess)when they are used up, or dead,you'll never see them in this world again.had to teleport for another world.but you have so many properties in this world,you don't want to leave.the idea is for rocks,when you dont complete exploit it up,say rocks has a 6 default workleft value.when you hit it 5 times and stop,it will grow back to normal slowly.and also change its logic to drop rocks every hit.i have finished every hit dropping one rock,but can't get it growing back. inst.components.workable.workleft = TUNING.ROCKS_MINEthis code doesn't work,don't know why,maybe a wrong sulotion.need help.and for tentacle,i'm thinking when you killed one tentacle,just respawn a tentacle nearby,but keep in marsh area.respawn is easy.but how to judge nearby area is marsh seems like a marsh area selection,then randomize position in it and some distance from to query such statement in game?
  6. yeah,you should take it,i'm not sure i got the right idea nor the efficient guys seem to be pro,professional programmer to me.i'm just a guy loving tweaking mods,not a programmer.
  7. those poor seems need to check if the follower have non-target on player,then the trap ignor him.else he will be a dead meat situation....right....
  8. ok,i have tried what you described,do you mean you don't want your follower to trigger the trap?non-follower pig can still trigger the trap.or at least it trigger it,and reset it and teeth_trap does not hurt your follower and not cost trap use counter?if that's what you want,i have done it.
  9. thank you WrathOf,very helpful reply.have done what i want,rock and roll to another goal:biggrin-new:
  10. want to know more about some function like TheSim:FindFirstEntityWithTag("player")what is TheSim Class defination?what if i want a FindNextEntityWithTag functiondo i need to write it myself,or there is already one insidehow does don't stave search work?is everything in one table or in different tables.for example,all the rabbits in one table,all the butterfly in another,all the spider ect.say i have three science machine,if i build a fourth one,it will destroy the max distance machine,or the first builded can i do that?
  11. oh,no,i forget this very important rule,define before use.thank it's working.
  12. well...this really drive me insane...not wilson,i'm sorry,it's me......try to modify data\scripts\components\sanity.luaadd new variable self.ct = 1 local Sanity = Class(function(self, inst) self.inst = inst self.max = 100 self.current = self.max --local dt = 1 --self.task = self.inst:DoPeriodicTask(dt, function() self:Recalc(dt) end) self.inst:StartUpdatingComponent(self) self:Recalc(0) self.rate = 0 self.sane = true self.ct = 1 end)then in the function belowfunction Sanity:DoDelta(delta, overtime) self.ct = self.ct + 1endself.ct = self.ct + 1,crash the game...well,this really make me insane,cause the original clauseself.current = self.current + deltajust do so,and no,what's wrong....:fatigue:i can not add a custom counter timer and change it??
  13. ok,see that,not support all image format,just tried\data\inventoryimages\turf_dirt.texthis doesn't work.hope one day we can raplace custom terrain texture:love_heart:
  14. i want to add a farmplot,with cutgrass and rot(item name spoiled_food)something likeRecipe("farmplot", {Ingredient("cutgrass", 6),Ingredient("poop", 2)}, RECIPETABS.FARM, 0, 0, "farmplot_placer")change to Recipe("farmplot_b", {Ingredient("cutgrass", 6),Ingredient("spoiled_food", 10)}, RECIPETABS.FARM, 0, 0, "farmplot_placer")i add item in prefabs.xml,and some lua file and tex file(simplely copy farmplot)still got wrong result,when spawn,game how can i add a new item in game,and add it correct to the menu?