Oinc (piggienomics)

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Oinc economy is a tough economy. a great influx of 1 oinc pieces is entering the market-place and this over all drives the value of the Oinc down, Oincflation if you will. I Propose that by increasing the highest face value to 25 oinc, (which is a very rare and valued piece of Piggy Monetary mastery, and possible inspiration for the first piggy bank) this Mint needs enter circulation once again and along side it an NPC may land New job; To sell Oinc,.. for more Oinc! replenishing the kingdoms coffers! Say you want More 10 Oink pieces for those gaurds you upset the other night? well that'll cost you either 15 -oinc for one 10 oinc piece or perhaps maybe 2 for a 25 Oinc piece.. ofcourse however if you want a new shiny Quarter-Oinc that'll run a premium of either 4 dime-Oincs or 50 single oincs no mixing and matching this is a pedestal based market after all, the prices are literally set in 'or on' stone. Not only will this breath life into the kingdom but also provide a much needed new position* for a lucky pig to fill - what say you? any other proposals or ideas that could help our worlds<(& may it never end) piggieconomy?

*may or may not include a Pigpension.

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