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  1. With the advent of aporkalypse this town is so ideal its unreal.. what i could do with this now! \
  2. still a thing.. also it caught something on fire.. i think walking enough away "deloads" it (maybe active brain mumbo idk) also till works underground to give a room permanent light. unless it's just me its really easy to duplicate, and i deleted/redownloaded everything after newest update.
  3. Save + quitting after lighting this torch caused a second fire to spawn next to it which is staying lit.
  4. Town split into 3 (4 if you count the turf and road to the right of my camp which has no houses or watchtowers.)
  5. Crashed While 'loading' new biome in second area. log.txt 219740.7z
  6. Was taking some of the Lawn and road turf for a little base and to make a straight road between shop areas. while placing lawn turf the game shut down without warning or a "not responding" error. -Also small side note taking the lawn dirt made one of the decorations move so it was no longer lined up with the other shrubberies in the midddle. nothing I tried made it move back into place you should see the a-symmetry in town on this save but i haven't loaded again yet since crash. log.txt 219740.7z
  7. apparently save/loading caused them to all be permanent and at default fire size so if you load that save they will probably stay on but i still cant add another fuel to the lower ones exclusively.
  8. unable to add more than one fuel to either of the lower corner wall torches. 219740.7z
  9. I had i similar issue I ended up launching the hamlet dlc specifically and from then on my Don'tStarve shortcut recognized it.
  10. My guess is this is something in works but jic. Standing almost directly ontop of the thing i'm lighting (occasionally lag during) causing at most 1 tick of fire damage, mostly though it works underground where there would be no sun or even in the pitch black if you are wearing the bat mask or have a torch and then hold the magnifying glass in your cursor and click it on something burnable like flower petals which will equip the magnifying glass and light said target in the dark.
  11. are there regular mosquitoes in Hamlet? I think they might just be poisonous in this stage.. I got poisoned atleast.