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Which skins (Forge / Hallowed Nights) could or will not be availible ever again after the events end?

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I haven't had any luck at all with Hallowed Nights and Forge. Don't have the budget to buy them, so from what spools I've managed to gather (1955 so far) I want to know if I need to use all that I can to get what I'm looking for if Ill never have another chance. 0 in Hallowed Nights, and level 60 in forge and only 1 Elegant, with sadly it being Wes's Gladiator head is just painful, and I want to make sure I get the ones I actually give a crap about if I'll never see them again.

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1 hour ago, Tapirus said:

As mentioned in the first post, I do not have room in my budget to purchase them. I am on fixed income.

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