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Small improvement in Hamlet Worlds (recipes, shops, etc.)

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I don't know why several recipes are unavailable. For example, the boat repairing kit cannot be crafted in hamlet worlds, forcing the players to hammer down damaged boats. However, all its ingredients (stingers from scorpions, ropes and boards) are all available, but we just can't craft it. This also happens to boat torch. Several RoG giant related items like the scales and the walrus tusk sold in the 'The Sty' Oddities Emporium also have the question. They just can't be used to craft the respective items, making them completely useless (expect the deerclops eyeball, which can be eaten) despite the fact that they are very expensive and have a very high chance to appear in the shop, which is rather annoying

Besides, the appear chance of goods in several shops should be adjusted. Currently according to my experience, the items sold in a shop should have same chance to appear. But different items should have different chances. Generally speaking, cheap and commonly used items should have a higher chance to be sold. It is ridiculous that when you enter a 'The Sty' Oddities Emporium, you see that most stocks are the expensive boss drops which are hardly used (actually completely useless due to the absence of the related recipes) while you can't even see any precious gears. Besides, the price of several items should be changed. For example, the price of down feather should be reduced as usually 5 or 10 pieces are used in making one related item while the others uses only a single piece (provided that the respective recipes are added). 

Another thing is that the usefulness of gas mask should be improved. I know it was OP in the previous patch, so it is nerfed. But it makes it completely useless. It has an insanity aura of -12.5/min, and its durability is only 3 day. This means that you will need to make more than 3 hats to survive a lush season, and its high insanity aura makes the sanity loss comparable to the one that you just bear the hayfever. So it will be better to have its durability increased and insanity aura decreased. Or simply create a new item (e.g. a common mask) with a lower cost and an extended durability and no sanity loss, which can only deal with hayfever but unable to deal with poisonous gas in the gas rainforest.

Last thing is about platapine. It is quick and eats all lotus, which is very annoying. However, although it is similar to gobblers, but they can't be countered and have NO drop at all, which is not reasonable. My suggestion it to add some drops as well as have its speed decreased, so people will not be so annoyed when seeing them.

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I noticed the recipes not there as well and was puzzled by it. I don't see how a boat repair kit would break Hamlet, so... Yeah?


I have not used the gas mask in DS Hamlet yet. I've only recently found it in my recipes area, and have yet to get feathers from the birds to make one. I died in my last run through trying to get one.

I have however used gas masks in real life. I can tell you, gas masks in real life tend to get hot, and depending on the style they block your field of vision. I've noticed  your vision during the allergy season gets all clouded and blocked, just like the foggy season kinda does. If the gas mask doesn't already, perhaps it can limit the players view like the foggy season instead of lowering sanity. If the player can only see a small circle around them while wearing the gas mask, that would be a challenge. - Or, maybe make it so the player can only see in an angle in front of them, and not be able to see behind them while wearing it!? That would make it unique and challenging.

I wore a gas mask in real life to prevent allergies, and I didn't go more insane for not sneezing all the time.

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