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Chance to get past loyal skins

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I am sure there are many players who have not received loyal skins, but very much want to get them.

I played on Valentine's Day 2017, but did not get Cherub's Heart. Idk how. I was busy and missed it. Hoped for 2018, but it was not.
Now I missed Twitch drops birdcage and reinmeter. DST is really my favorite game. I play rarely lately, I buy skins pack only for collecting and to support Klei. And now, I lose interest in collection, because I don't have chance to collect all loyal skins.

I apologize if the answer was somewhere already. But I did not find.

Can Klei say they’ll something come up with this in the future?

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I agree with the feeling.. some of the loyal skins I hope will be available once again such as the birdcage and rainmeter sooo… fingers crossed they make the Twitch drops be available on some sort of rotation restarting again after the next 4 will be done.


For the loyal ones from Valentine's Day, I do not even dare to hope to ever get the Daggered Heart or Cherub's Heart but I now have set an alarm in my calendar to play DST next year on V-Day! 

The collector in me secretly hoped I would get a flame portrait flame for playing Forge Beta this year.


But on the plus side if you think about it there are only 11 years left until the next Year of the Rooster and 12 years until the next Year of the Dog so you just need a lot of patience for the Clucky Winter Hat and Puppy Knitted Cap. :wilson_laugh:


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