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same price for skins, even if you own parts of it

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hi there

i was thinking of buying a skin because it looked nice and i already was owing nearly all parts. only the head is missing. but unfortunately i noticed that i need to still pay the full price for the skinn (as if i was buying it completely without owning any parts). is it possible to to change the shop in the future so you dont need to pay full price if you already own parts of it? i dont know what others or KLEIentertainmaint think bout that, but the idea of  reducing the price because someone already owns parts of this skin, makes sense for me.


edit: i also noticed you can buy the complete skin again even if you own all parts.. im confused why thats possible. i mean gifting skins when bought them, isnt possible in DST, is it?

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Well, you can own skins twice. You get the entire collection if you buy it, even if you end up with duplicates. Remember how the normal drop system works. If you get a drop that you already own you can just unravel it and weave new skins.

This way it's much easier than having to implement a function to check which skins you have. It also gives you the option to buy a skin set you already own, unravel them and weave other skins you can't buy.

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