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Hamlet is terribly laggy...

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Like right from the moment is starts the fps is like 10-15, 10-5 in the forest and under 5 when insane or raining, even when indoors. Makes the game slow, kiting simple enemies is near impossible and simply traveling down the road to cut a few hedges is a painfully slow and boring task. It discourages me from going outside to search for relics and explore when that's the main point of the dlc.

This isn't just because my pc is bad (oh, it's bad) but I've heard the same things from people with good pc's.

Also, I have nothing on in the background. Not even Steam. No small textures, no bloom, no distorsion. Nothing. And I can run the other dlc's fine. Hamlet is just performing very poorly.

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  • Developer

Hi @Terra_Zina

Yes, we definitely want to look at performance as well.

In order to help with that, could you, when you have a bad performing world loaded, open the console (with the '~' key) and enter 


..followed by enter.

After a few seconds it should tell you a profile has been saved.

If you could upload the file profile.json and log.txt from your game's documents directory that would help me analyze the issue.

For information on where to find those 2 files, check here:



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