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Italian Translation Mod


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Hello guys, I'm working on the Italian translation using the new mod system (not overwriting the file string.lua).


[*] Version 1.1 - Added wx78 and Willow translation

[*] Version 1 - Initial Release

What is missing:

[*]Sentences of the characters different from Willson, wx78 or Willow

[*]Grammar checking

[*]Typing errors checking

[*]Verification of matches in the game

What is only partially:

[*]Alignment to english.lua posted by WrathOf ( HERE )

Please reply to this thread or pm me to report errors or corrections.


Place italian.lua in "YourSteamInstallationFolder\steamapps\common\dont_starve\data\scripts\mods\languages"

and add "require ("mods/languages/italian")" to language.lua file in the same folder.

WARNING: Error in italian.lua can crash the game when specific item is clicked/used please report if it happens.



Ciao, Sto lavorando alla traduzione in Italiano usando il nuovo sistema di mod (non sovrascrivendo il file string.lua).


[*] Version 1.1 - Aggiunte traduzioni di wx78 e Willow

[*] Version 1 - versione iniziale

Cosa manca:

[*]Frasi dei personaggi diversi da Wilson, wx78 o Willow

[*]Controllo grammaticale

[*]Verifica degli errori di battitura

[*]Verifica delle corrispondenze nel gioco

Parzialmente fatto:

[*]Allineamento al file english.lua WrathOf ( QUI )

Per favore rispondete a questo thread o mandatemi un messaggio privato per segnalare errori e/o correzioni.


Mettete il file italian.lua in "LaVostraCartellaDiSteam\steamapps\common\dont_starve\data\scripts\mods\languages"

e aggiungete "require ("mods/languages/italian")" a file language.lua fnella stessa cartella.

ATTENZIONE: Errori nel file italian.lua possono crashare il gioco quando un oggetto specifico è cliccato/usato. Se dovesse succedere vi prego di comunicarmelo.


italian v1.1.zip

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Version 1.1
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Very nice! High-five!Good start.....there are a LOT of strings to translate :DAt this point we should worldwide translation by the next update! :victorious:I am curious about the warning....if your file loads when you run the game it should be ok.So it loads but you found that the game crashes when selecting some items?Will have to test more to see that....maybe a font character issue?EDIT:Hmm, working fine after some testing....just need devs to add word wrapping support to the side menu....them some long words! :D

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Well you only have monstermeat lasagna at the moment but.... :DI mean a italian flavor in the speech in how things are described and hit reactions and such....Not sure a Soprano version is appropriate but might be funny to some (especially if it had a censored version) :lol:It will be a while before we can add hand gestures to the animations :p

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I've started a translation project from the old update.Maybe we can collaborate.

Thanks, but I hope to finish the translation by tomorrow night. If you want to help me reporting bugs or best translation I will be very grateful to you. Ho risposto in inglese perchè siamo su un forum internazionale ma se mi scrivi via pm puoi farlo tranquillamente in italiano.
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