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    Hello guys, this is my Italian translation for Don't Strave, enjoy it Changelog: Version 1.10.1 IT'S NOT A ROCK! UPDATE + small corrections Installation Place italian.po in "YourSteamInstallationFoldersteamappscommondont_starvedatascriptslanguages" and add LanguageTranslator:LoadPOFile("datascriptslanguagesitalian.po", "it") to language.lua file in the same folder. (if it is not present you can download it from this post) What is in progress: Grammar checking Typing errors checking Verification of matches in the game Please pm me to report errors or corrections. ---------------------------------------ITALIANO--------------------------------------- Ciao, questa è la mia traduzione in Italiano di Don't Starve, divertitevi! Modifiche: Version 1.10.1 IT'S NOT A ROCK! UPDATE + piccole correzioni Installazione [*]Mettere italian.po in "VostraCartellaDiIstallazioneDiSteamsteamappscommondont_starvedatascriptslanguages" e aggiungere LanguageTranslator:LoadPOFile("datascriptslanguagesitalian.po", "it") al file language.lua nella stessa cartella. (se non è presente scaricatela da questo post) Cosa è in corso: Controllo grammaticale Verifica degli errori di battitura Verifica delle corrispondenze nel gioco Per favore mandatemi un messaggio privato per segnalare errori e/o correzioni. Discuss this Mod
  2. You have to place " LanguageTranslator:LoadPOFile("data\\scripts\\lang uages\\italian.po", "it") " in language.lua. language .lua can be found in "YourSteamInstallationFolder\steamapps\common\dont _starve\data\scripts\languages\" if that file is missing you can download it from my download page download page . language.lua downloaded from my page is ready to use without any modification.
  3. [MENTION=10271]WrathOf[/MENTION] ok, I will release this new version with the new game update. EDIT: created an alternative version and added to download page with the new format.
  4. [MENTION=10271]WrathOf[/MENTION]Every time I save the file with poEdit, I must correct again the error with double quotes. example:msgstr """Faresti meglio a trovare qualcosa da mangiare prima che giunga la notte!"Any suggestions? Currently, to avoid the problem, I'm using notepad++ to edit and poEdit only to validate the file.
  5. Wonderful,free correction! I noticed the syntax errors while looking for a solution for the the character quotes and descriptions bug. I thought that it wasn't a real problem because it seems that poEdit considered those as strings concatenation (blank string + string). Thank you again, mate.
  6. Thanks, maybe during the merge between your template and french.lua I have lost something. I will fix it in next version (with the last part of the translation).