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steam requesting key error

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hi there

i just bought the hamlet DLC and normally the dont starve singleplayer products (main game and DLCs) come with keys for use on humblebundle.

well back then i already noted down from the main game, RoG Dlc and shipwrecked dlc. but when i clicked at the product key button, its in a "requesting key" loop. not only for hamlet, but also for the other DS dlcs and DS main game.

i already contacted support and waiting for an answer. just wanted to know if others also have this problem or is it just me?

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i got an answer from steam. they say the game is already in my library and they are not listed seperately, but in the main game and that the bought dlc (i suppose they mean hamlet) didnt come with a product key. (and then many lines explaining me how to find the dlc in the main game list and that i need to play a bit to unlock some dlcs content inside a game.. lol. they probably think i was complaining to not received the dlc. but thats not the case)

ok i can understand that Hamlet DLC has no DRM free key yet because its not even sold in humblebumdle website. maybe we will get one later or not. but my problem is: i cant even see the keys for Dont Starve, Shipwrecked and Reig of GIants anymore. when i bought them on steam, i was able to see them back then. yesterday was the first time i tried again to see the keys (after buying hamlet dlc). and thats how i noticed that i cant see the keys anymore. (that error only occurs to the dont starve game + DLCs. when i clcik to see product key for other games which came with keys, for example blade&mount, it shows me the product key without problem)

as i said i can understand if hamlet has no key yet (or maybe it will never have one, i dont know), but i dont understand why i cant see the other keys anymore. im 100% sure they had one because i already activated them on humblebundle with the keys i noted down back then from steam. but yeah i wonder why they are also not visibile anymore. my biggest problem with that is: the fact that they are not visible anymore worries me, because if they really disappeared, what if the exact same keys are given to others then and they try to use it so the keys get banned and i cant use it anymore? well stuff like that goes through my mind. normally if i have these keys stored in my steam library, i have a prove they are mine. now they are not visible anymore (or even disappeared completely?) so i have no proof and no warranty that they wont be given other players. (sorry if that sounds kind of apocalyptic. i have some sort of a worst-case-scenario-mind)

i now explained steam support that, even if hamlet dlc has no key (yet?), that i cant see the keys of my old purchased dont starve + DLCs either. well lets see how they will respond.

in the meantime, maybe a KLEI entertainment moderator or support or admin will look in here: did you stop giving drm-free keys with the purchase of dont starve single player products on steam and also told steam to make the already purchased product keys invisible?

or is this a steam error?

should i contact KLEIentertainment support, too?

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well my bad, im not often in the KLEI forums so i dont catch news fast. i got an answer from the support and appearently steam is getting rid of the 'providing drm free keys' - system. (not sure if its only for dont starve products, because my other keys are still visible). well yeah, but KLEIentertainment has already a solution for that. just read these 2 news:



greetings (and thank you for the nice support, KLEIentertainment. even for users who didnt read the articles you posted already long ago to that case)

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did you check your dont starve game in your library? does hamlet dlc show in your dont starve dlc list in steam library? how did you buy hamlet dlc? for example i bought the mega pack because it was cheaper in it (even if you own all other dlcs and the singleplayer and multiplayer game, it is possible to buy megapack if you are missing even only 1 stuff. and it will be cheaper than buying only hamlet dlc). well yeah i bought the megapack and only hamlet was missing, so i got it cheaper and it appeared in my library.

check your steam purchase history if hamlet dlc is in your purchase history. if the error still occurs, better contact steam then. or is there something else in megapack you are missing, so it says you can still buy megapack?

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well hamlet is in early access and not even sold on humblebundle.com yet. and just to add, i think getting a DRM-free key when buying a steam key is kind of a luxus and not every developer will give you that luxus. so i dont know if there will be a free hamlet dlc key. but if there will be one, as i said, not yet, because humblebundle doesnt even sell the DRm free version of the game, because its only early acces on steam at the moment. so i assume, if there will be a drm free key to hamlet, you probably need to wait for the full release and that in december as far as i know.

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