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  1. I have this problem as well
  2. Thank you for all work for this upcoming update Klei! I'm so excited for all this XD I love this decision that Klei have conclude.. I think it is really fair and I would definitely buy those characters to support Klei more! and Glimpse of their backstory is something that I already want to see for a long time, so thank you Klei for finally releasing it! I LOVE KLEI <3 This has been an amazing boost for me to looking forward to 2019!
  3. It's nothing special, nothing grand.. Just my simple Hamlet Base..
    But I'm happy and proud of it <3

  4. I tried to draw Willow The Woeful with my style..


  5. Renovation got Invisible

    thank you very much for all the hard work! Looking forward to it!
  6. Renovation got Invisible

    Alright, I just did~ and thank for the reply
  7. It is sold for encouraging the moving between worlds in my opinion, considering there's a lot other stuff that is like that as well~
  8. [Game Update] - 294625

    My house decoration item (window, plant, pillar, Rug) all gone invisible after the update :$
  9. After today's update, windows, pillars and decoration plant inside my house become invisible for some reason and I do not know why.. but the still working as it should be, so every morning the light comes in into my house from where the window is even tho no window to be seen there! I also lost the "Tudor House" renovation, so my house looking back like the Shanty Shack again... The mod I use are only "Character Skin", "Mini Map" and "Combined Status" I tried to remove them cause the update may cause it not completely compatible but turns out that is not the problem.. the problem is still there even with the mod removed.. The biggest problem is that since its invisible I cannot destroy it with hammer nor to put new window/plants there since its still there its just invisible! Please help ~ Also, this is how it originally should looks like..
  10. I tried 3 times to make sure and everytime I make the Tophat lamp (Renovate section) the game will crash..