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  1. Thank you for all work for this upcoming update Klei! I'm so excited for all this XD I love this decision that Klei have conclude.. I think it is really fair and I would definitely buy those characters to support Klei more! and Glimpse of their backstory is something that I already want to see for a long time, so thank you Klei for finally releasing it! I LOVE KLEI <3 This has been an amazing boost for me to looking forward to 2019!
  2. It's nothing special, nothing grand.. Just my simple Hamlet Base..
    But I'm happy and proud of it <3

  3. I tried to draw Willow The Woeful with my style..


  4. New to the game. Help plz

    Well SillyLeopard83 already give a good advice there so I guess I will just add something basic based on my own perspective.. 1. Play with your own pace, don't over burden yourself with trying to do all the guide/advice you found/get.. Start simple, small and have fun with it.. that way you will enjoy it more, it will also help you to find your own playstyle.. 2. Don't be to greedy, when you find lots of raw food such as berries and carrots; better to just take as much as you need, so when you truly need it you know where to get it.. remember that berries will harvestable again after several days 3. If you are not confident with killing things yet, you can just stay passive as much as you can there's nothing wrong with it! Make use of the tools you can make such as traps and fishing pole, they are great to help you providing several basic needs passively (: 4. always pays attention to the time! Don't want to get swept by Charlie (lol) That's all I guess, Have Fun!
  5. Does Grass Suit have a use?

    actually I use Grass Suit a lot, the reason for this is that I don't tank much (I try my best to avoid), unless its a Boss/Giant I don't use anything else to kill it beside Grass Suit + Axe/Spear + Footballhat (I mainly play as Willow) .. I do know that a lot of people just use it as fuel or never even use it, but frankly I like it more than log suit.. I really hate to cut trees if I can avoid it
  6. City building in RoG

    Tbf, I don't think we will ever be able to use the key in RoG (by default I meant) since RoG have their own Pig Society.. They are from diff time, diff world - I would say.. so its kinda make sense its not happening..
  7. About the Soundtrack DLC...

    Frankly I don't think so.. But, if Klei is going to put another Soundtrack DLC for SW & Hamlet version I would surely take it without hesitation!
  8. @Field Field that is a simple yet gorgeous idea tho! I love it! look simply fantastic <3 Well, currently I'm in mid of my Hamlet play - this is the first time I use Maxwell so its kinda slow and simple.. But I want to share my in-house decor ~ If anyone wondering, I only use "Character Skin" and "Item Skin" Mod..
  9. lightbugs

    wow this is the first time I see that much..
  10. SW or Ham?

    I love them both equally tbh.. While SW has Volcano, Hamlet has Ruins.. I'm sorry that this happened to you, tho its never happens to me.. Perhaps because some of your mods?
  11. What is the point of Mandrakes?

    Personally I use mandrake as food more than for Pan Flute (since I prefer Sleep Darts).. You can make it into mandrake soup which is really great... In RoG, I just keep moving to next world with Wooden Thing the moment I have got all the mandrakes, build enough and gather enough resources as I never really fancy to make a huge mega base or anything~
  12. Renovation got Invisible

    thank you very much for all the hard work! Looking forward to it!
  13. Renovation got Invisible

    Alright, I just did~ and thank for the reply
  14. It is sold for encouraging the moving between worlds in my opinion, considering there's a lot other stuff that is like that as well~
  15. [Game Update] - 294625

    My house decoration item (window, plant, pillar, Rug) all gone invisible after the update :$