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Swedish translation mod


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I've been working on a Swedish translation of the game for some time now, and even though it won't show the letters Å and Ö properly. i have decided to finish it.It's current completion % is about: 40%I will post more when it is finished.Seeing as i have no experience of modding, any and all help is appreciated.And Å&Ö works in most cases, it is only in certain fonts it does not show.But it works in the places where it's important that it works, like quotes.

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Progress has been made!
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Sweet! Make sure to translateSTRINGS.CHARACTER_TITLES.wilson = [[The Scientist Gentleman]]I had it the other way around in v1.0 (The Gentleman Scientist)I am still working on the master version that will list all of the available string values possible for all characters beyond those Klei decided to use so far.

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