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Adding "Override Building" button or something

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Hello all,

I'd really like to see a toggle button when you're in the building screen mode (actually don't know how that is called) so that you can build something in an already built place without having to deconstruct and then build it later (the same way that changing material tiles, from granite to obsidian, metal air flow tile to mesh, etc).

Why would I want such a thing? Let me draw for you:

Part 1 - Time to build some tiles :D


Part 2 - Aw man, the ladders are in the way :(


Part 3 - Thank Klei for having this awesome button! :)


Part 4 - And the dupes lived happily ever after, or at least while there was Oxygen in the colony... :(


What some people might be thinking:

Number 1: Why a toggle button and not like the way we build tiles?

-So that if you are spamming the same building in a continuous lane (like a storage thingy) you don't accidentally build over something that you were not planning to (like another already built storage compacter, a lamp, painting, statue etc).

Number 2: You are such a boring ugly nitpicker!

-Sorry :'( It's because I always forget to go back after they deconstructed to give the build command. And like said above, if it's possible for  tiles, why not for everything else (like those plastic ladders that you want to build)

Number 3: The art and UI of the toggle button sucks!

-I'm not a game designer, they'll do a better job if they add this feature.

Number 4: Your English is horrible!

-Nein my first language  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Number 5: TL;DR LOLZ!!!111!ELeVen1!

-A toggle button so that you can build something in an already built place without having to deconstruct and then build it later.

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I agree, there is also a big inconsistency with changing items.  Example if you want to replace your old crappy ladder with a plastic one you have to delete one, then tell them to build another, makes the whole process super slow to swap them out and usually too painful to bother with.  There is also the problem that with-out being able to "replace" items, like you can with changing tiles materials, they will often destroy it first, with-out the materials needed to build the replacement anywhere near by and get stuck if you don't think about the series of replacement well (unlike with changing tiles where they wait until the materials are in place).

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