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What i was thinking about this update was a update completely based on pigs and pig related items.Pig armor.Craftable pig armor that we can equip our pigs with!Pig health indicator!Pigs will let you know when there hurt by either scratches black eyes and brusies or by telling you and doing a animation like how all characters do when they are hungry.A item that lets us give commands to pigs or a hat.Don't you just hate it when you've been crusin with a favoriate pig for a long amount of time only for him to be 1 shotted by a tree-guard? with this item or hat you can tell your back to run away from a mob or go back to his home or stay in a speficic spot until duskPigs are now mortal enemys of spyderzYou can often seen a group of pigs with pig armor attacking a spider den or crusin through de forest heading to a spider den and vice versa warrior spiders and spiders attacking foritifed pig villages.Were-king!Dats right yo the king him-self has fallen to the curse and now he is after uuuuu!!!!If a entire village becomes were-pigs either through monster meat or no houses the pig king himself will succumb to the werepigisim he will spawn weaker were-pigs and occasiancly right after a warning he will also spit coal at you(the coal doesn't drop)he will also jump and try to flatten you(if he flatten you he rolls off you and you are slowed for a bit)If you manage to slay him you his hat that causes were-pigs to be neutrual to you ooor like above it will drop the so called hat to issue commands to pigs.Warrior pigsThese pigs patrol advanced pig villages wearing medium grade pig armor(equiped with shades)they are basiacly to stop players from wrecking entire villages with ez.Upgradable pig houses!You can upgrade your pig houses to hold more pigs for double the resources required to make a normal!usuless pig clothing!

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what about an option to upgrade the pig house?that will spawn a warrior pig?you know with armor an all..and can only befriended if given a meat recipe from the crock pot..i do like the idea of pigs goin hunting for spiders..it would make the world feel more alive..

That would be op having a whole group of warrior pigs would make combat a bit too easy still though being able to "hire" them with crock pot meat recipes would be a good idea.
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