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A Little ideia that i had 2:25 AM

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Soo... i was thinking, "you know how vanilla don't starve and shipwrecked had ghosts? So how about ghost pig towns!?" When the player kills all pig merchants,queen and mayor the town turns into a ghost pig town. All houses turn "rundown" at dusk pig ghosts leave their house to haunt the player for their crimes. And every ghost pig town a pig house has a chance to instead of becoming a "rundown pig house" it turns into a "adventurer's pig haunted manor" which works just like a ruins,nest with rooms and loot with ghost pigs protecting their stuff calling you both a thieve and a cold blooded killer once a pig town turns into a ghost town all music stops and you o casually hear the sound of like metal squeaking and has a creepy atmosphere to it. Also where i live people say that Feijoada gets better the older it gets, so the ideia for Feijoada is it gives more stats the older it is. Making it something especial like coofie from shipwreck and jelly beans from Don't starve together. Im loving watching Hamlet on YouTube Klei. You always manage to amaze me, keep up the good work!  

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