My Fiendishly Harder Idea!/ Use for papyrus!

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So here is my idea to make the game harder!.Maybe lets say REMOVE THE MAP??!?!!Yes for the neubs(Beginers) its going to be harder but for(Expert) 1337 players they will finaly have a challenge for them!And the other idea is Making the map.What it will require is 10 papyrus,one twig and one charcole.So the map will be in your invetory to access it will be the same as hitting tab.So what do you guys/girls think? Is it hard enough or this will make it harder?:devilish:

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I hate having to make maps in minecraft, I would never want to do that in a perma-death game.

I have to agree, that making maps is annoying.Not having a map works ok in minecraft, because at least you could climb a tree or mountain and have a good look about to see where you are, but in don't starve some areas look very similar and with the way the game is (2.5D or something) it's a bit difficult to navigate via landmarks only. It would be irritating if you kept getting lost and died because you didn't know where you were and you had to spend time/resources making maps instead of actually surviving.I suppose you don't necessarily 'need' a map early on, it's once you build a base you'll want to see where stuff is, but by then you could have learned/made landmarks anyway.I rely on my map quite a bit, so I can't say I'm too fond of this idea (unless maybe if the maps were very cheap to make).
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