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Received the message saying that I can play the beta but can't download it

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Adrianriu    1

I did not register to play the beta, but I really wanted to, so when JoeW said that anyone that got the message saying that they were accepted could play the game,I just checked it hoping it would be there ;-;, AND IT WAS ;-;.I downloaded the beta but it didn't work though(obviously).But the ''fake'' message is still there ;-;.Is this some kind of bug or something?

(My english is not so good,so please forgive me ;-;)

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bugsmand    729

Nope, even though everyone can put that password in, you still had to register into the beta, no matter what.

Klei changed it to:

- everyone is getting hamlet beta for everyone who signed up

before that it was:

-only some people got the beta.

it's because at the start they would inform you with mail, but they thought it would take too much time so sync everything up. So they went with the other idea.


Cheer up bud, you'll have it in dec, the whole adventure! waiting to get explored!

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Zeklo    17,543
34 minutes ago, bugsmand said:


There's a different issue here. JoeW said "Players who are able to participate will see the following". However in this case the OP who shouldn't be able to participate, and isn't, is still seeing the thing that says they are able to.

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