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Speed Run: Unlocking "Key to the City" on Day 2

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Brief summary of my speed run using Wolfgang:

1. Get your machete, pick some grass and twigs, like 7 grass and 4 twigs, make a torch and pick up food on the way to the first pig village. Nothing else is needed, not even a flint. 

2. Find a pig guard and hit him with torch for 4-5 times, and he will burn to death and drop a log suit, a halberd (axe) and a torch. All three are essential. And an extra cooked meat if lucky. 

3. (Optional) Get 2 logs with axe (FYI Pig Guard's axe can fight and farm trees. Pigs 1:0 humans. ) and pre-build a campfire. 

4. Go to the jungle and find a mant cave, explore until the queen's cave is found. Be aware that sometimes ground shakes and the cave structures will change. Pick up some honey on the way. 

5. Before fighting the queen, place the campfire and eat to full stomach before fighting (Don't get too close to her while doing these). During the fight, keep your stomach full and kill the warrior eggs with 2 hits whenever you see one. If you didn't kill it with 2 hits, your stomach isn't full. 

6. She's dead but you can't get her crown? Sometimes the crown is stuck inside her chamber. I would debug spawn an orange amulet to suck it out until they fix this bug. 

7. Find the cave entrance in the jungle with a pig head statue right on top of it (cosmetically on the door, not next to the door. If it's not obviously a pig then it's not this door). That's the only way to the second pig village island. And the only other exit you see is the exit to the second island. 

8. Find the palace in the village on this island, give the crown to the pig queen and she will give you a chamber key. Go to the room on your left and unlock the key to the city.

9. Now you have it. You can start building your own pig city. But of course you didn't pick anything useful at all, so you can just take a screenshot and show it off on the forum.

10. Homework: Invent your own method and do it even faster. 



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52 minutes ago, PR_ZEUS said:

2. Find a pig guard and hit him with torch for 4-5 times, and he will burn to death and drop a log suit,

Wait, that makes no sense. He uses an Iron Suit :o


But congrats, that was very nice. I'm struggling to kill the queen using Wilson (I kinda like him more than Wolfgang)

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