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Day 2: Some Issues I had

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1 - My game closed when I left my house. It simply closed, no crash warning. I don't know how to get the logs, sorry ):

2 - The Smelter have the sprit of the Cooking pot (minor issue that I think it will change before release)

3 - Pig guard become scared when vampire bats are still flying and when shadow creature appear when the player has around half of his sanity (so there is nothing to fear about them)

4 - Position of pig village is kinda disavantaging, since it is far away of everything. I loved the idea of having your own house, but I have to traven a LOOOOOOONG way to go back to my house

5 - Makes no sense that the Mantis Mask is craftable in the science machine and requires a football helmet (wich is craftable at an alchemy machine)

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