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Bigger houses!

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Alecs.    6

I love the concept of having a home and having a way to spend the night indoors but i kinda feel like it could be even better. The ruins and the bugtunnels have multiple rooms networks so i was wandering if it could be possible to like be able to upgrade your house with multiple rooms, lets say max. 3 extra. Just imagine having a living area when u first enter, then go into an other room where crock pots are and fridges(btw how does someone get gears in hamlet?), an other room where u have the stations and chests and the other room for the lol idk.... But for real, making it possible to upgrade your house with extra rooms would be so nice(ofc make it so that every upgrade costs more the the last one so we need to explore more ruins and make more trades for oinks).
Is just an idea :D 

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