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  1. by having it there I still think they had the idea of having it there for the end product, which means that it had a meaning to be there in the first place
  2. I guess I can add some things like this. So watching the stream I saw that the board where all the evidence was gathered was in the workplace where Winona was working at the factory. That means Wagstaff knew about everything Winona found out. That’s where things don’t add up. Ofc u can say he helped Winona find Charlie but how I see it from what on the board, she kinda infiltrated in the factory to find out more about what happens to Charlie( based it upon the fact she has her job application and a picture of the factory right in the middle of the board) But then...the board was right under Wagstaff’s nose. Also, Wicker is connected to wx and the creation of the clockworks. Might as well mean she (co)invented or had knowledge of them being built....also they were created in the DS how do they know how they look like or that they exist? This are all speculations ofc. Correct me if I m wrong or add more conspiracy theories down below.
  3. drop history

    Ow nice, time to show off all the icons and backgrounds I got till now(only things I get this days, guess is better then shirts and pants?)
  4. I started making a storage room and since the signs were added in the QoL update i wanted to use them. So i placed the sign on ground and draw the stalking stick on it, when i dug it up the drawing wasn't showing up(neither when placed), it does say the name of the sign but doesn't show the image on it.
  5. So i got to the 2nd island and entered the Boar's Tusk Weapon Shop, i wanted to find out what the shop keeper wanted from me for coins so i tried give him a twig. He wanted a hound's tooth. I went buy a hound's tooth from the oddities shop (to see if u can make a profit out of them) but i can't actually give/sell it to him. This must be some kind of bug, right? P.S. See pictures
  6. I have been playing forge from the start and never had a problem with the refresh of the quests, until today.... I tried play a game and see if the problem solves, tried changing/disabling all mods and restarted laptop/game/steam and still nothing quests. My goal in this forge is to complete all quests but looks like the game doesn't let me do it :/ plz help....
  7. Ow I ll try that, idk if I have geo activated or not tbh.... but in beta I didn’t had this issue and I m sure I had geo active back then.
  8. I just bought the house in the pig town..yey.... but when i wanted to change things in it, u know like lighting, windows and so on everything was flat and the windows wouldn't rotate when i wanted to place them on the other walls. Also where is the wall decoration tab? couldn t see it anywhere. I attached a puc with the flat light.
  9. I love playing as Warly so i was kinda sad i couldn't play as him during the beta, now in the early access i can but i have been experiencing some wierd bug where the new food after cooking doesn t show up...wierd.
  10. I bought the Soccer rug but when i want to place it it doesn't show up, after placing it it still doesn't show still. Leaving and reentering house/game doesn't solve the problem.
  11. I just found a pig village and entered the City Hall, when i went to exit the building my game crashed. I tried to enter and exit the other shops and non of them crashed like City Hall.