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  1. Placing a veggie on the scale makes it invisible.
  2. I started making a storage room and since the signs were added in the QoL update i wanted to use them. So i placed the sign on ground and draw the stalking stick on it, when i dug it up the drawing wasn't showing up(neither when placed), it does say the name of the sign but doesn't show the image on it.
  3. So i got to the 2nd island and entered the Boar's Tusk Weapon Shop, i wanted to find out what the shop keeper wanted from me for coins so i tried give him a twig. He wanted a hound's tooth. I went buy a hound's tooth from the oddities shop (to see if u can make a profit out of them) but i can't actually give/sell it to him. This must be some kind of bug, right? P.S. See pictures
  4. I have been playing forge from the start and never had a problem with the refresh of the quests, until today.... I tried play a game and see if the problem solves, tried changing/disabling all mods and restarted laptop/game/steam and still nothing quests. My goal in this forge is to complete all quests but looks like the game doesn't let me do it :/ plz help....
  5. Ow I ll try that, idk if I have geo activated or not tbh.... but in beta I didn’t had this issue and I m sure I had geo active back then.
  6. I just bought the house in the pig town..yey.... but when i wanted to change things in it, u know like lighting, windows and so on everything was flat and the windows wouldn't rotate when i wanted to place them on the other walls. Also where is the wall decoration tab? couldn t see it anywhere. I attached a puc with the flat light.
  7. I love playing as Warly so i was kinda sad i couldn't play as him during the beta, now in the early access i can but i have been experiencing some wierd bug where the new food after cooking doesn t show up...wierd.
  8. I bought the Soccer rug but when i want to place it it doesn't show up, after placing it it still doesn't show still. Leaving and reentering house/game doesn't solve the problem.
  9. I just found a pig village and entered the City Hall, when i went to exit the building my game crashed. I tried to enter and exit the other shops and non of them crashed like City Hall.