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My First Hour in Hamlet: Screenshots and Open to All

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TheKingDedede    3,013

Ridiculous, I know, but I'll preface this by saying that the screenshots here are from the game in its pre-release form. Beta, basically. Please don't hurt me, papa JoeW.

Without further ado, some of the screenshots of my time in Hamlet.


This is Maxameleon the Chameleon. Like every other charming fellow in Don't Starve, he'll comment on your situation and then laugh at you before disappearing, presumably forever.

I woke up next to a Machete and some of the weirdest trees I had ever seen. They had red leaves and dropped Cork. Brought to mind the Coral from Shipwrecked.


The comment bit is about the squirrels, which are called Piko. I, at first, thought it was a unique character before panning out to see about four more of them, scheming as to whether or not I should be spared. They were were also in the process of filming 'Over the Hedge 2, But With Just Hammy', so of course I shoo'd them off before such a project came to life. The cat-like creatures' name escapes me at the moment, but they're always hungry and never hesitate eating almost anything and can be fed to be befriended. The Dung Beetles are relatively harmless and run away when you try to kill them. The trees are called Tea Trees and drop edible seeds that you can eat right away without needing to cook them.


I got lucky enough and ran straight into the town on Day 2 after meandering about looking for Flint and Gold. The town is filled with guards that will absolutely slaughter you if you do anything to break the law (Touching a Farmer Pig's crops, attacking citizens, attacking the guards, touching their little pig tails, eating them in front of their loved ones...). Fortunately, I was on my best behavior just this once and they didn't shoo me away. The town brought to mind the thought of Animal Crossing. Most of the NPC Pig People speak in a strange form of super-formal English. One even shouted, "GET THEE TO A SHRUBBERY." at me.

I kid you not, they'll give you free money if you pick up the manure that they sometimes leave behind. One guy ran straight at me and thanked me for picking up his mess. Seems even high society can't escape when nature calls...


The town looks great at night and these lampposts never go out, so you could, presumably, stand near them all the time if you wanted. Do what you wish, it's your experience, not mine.

But I bet you're wondering about the shops, eh? Well...


I wanted to recreate this shot as soon as possible. The coins that you can get by giving certain people specific items are called Oincs (Clever) and can be used to spend on items in various shops. You can walk straight into shops and there aren't any loading screens attached, so the transition from getting in and out of buildings is pretty smooth. You just click on the little 'Welcome' mat inside of a shop and you can leave at any time. I'm not too keen on learning what happens if you attempt to steal stuff, though.


The Town Hall itself! This building surprised me, as it's surrounded by these really nice shrubs and has a lovely flooring pattern on the ground. Can't be entered at night, though. It gets better when you meet the Mayor himself...



The Animal Crossing comparison feels pretty apt, now. You can buy your own house and customize it to your liking. Unfortunately, I'm a scientist, and that means I went broke because I spent all of my funding on researching whether or not there was a way out of this God-forsaken place God's gift to mankind.

The Mayor's name, in my instance, was called Tesla. I really wanted to keep this world after learning that. Or be rid of him and see if I could become Mayor...


This hot piece of bacon sells you varying bits of shrubs and seeds, so you can grow what you please.


In-case you forgot the Tools tab existed, you can buy tools here, you tool.

And thank God he was selling a Gold Nugget or I might have just left him out of this little photobook. Just like anyone else working in retail, he looked sad and wanted to be put out of his misery. I'll probably get to doing that later.


The Mud Bath shop. A bit misleading, I was expecting a wrestling ring in the middle and... contestants fighting in mud for my amusement. Anywho, this lady sells Sanity and Health restoring items, should you need them. I know I won't. After what I did in here, I was banned from ever coming back.


In order to show you who's in charge here, this Jungle exists solely to piss you off. It's a bad idea to come in here with just a Torch, trust me. There's this one area you can't walk into without taking damage every few steps, so I presume I needed some gear before I went exploring in here. The leaves on the top rustle every time you walk in here, so that's nice, I guess. I wanted to do something to the Jungle, which would have involved some Pig Guards, but something told me it would go against the precedents and laws set prior by the Geneva Conventions.


These guys seem angry at life, and I don't blame them. What God gives a creature no arms or hands? I tried making a small raft to cross this puny river, but they got in my way and threatened to make sure I would never be able to walk again politely told me to leave.

I'll post more here when I can. In the meantime, feel free to use this as a place to post your adventures as well. Also, should I try making future posts that would sound more in-character with Wilson, or just be myself and commentate on these pictures in my own style?

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TheKingDedede    3,013
8 hours ago, HaloFTheSun1 said:

Do you this the Maxameleon actually Maxwell? (I am assuming all dlcs and any future dlcs take place before the adventure portal).

I do not think that the two are the same character, if that is what you are asking. I do, however, believe that the chameleon plays a similar role to Wolly from Shipwrecked. That is to say, they exist solely to mock you and act as a stand-in for Maxwell. Maxameleon may become more developed and gain a small backstory when the DLC officially comes out, but only time will tell.

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TheKingDedede    3,013

So, I'm back with some experience under my belt. I was able to live until Day 9 (But let's pretend I made it in one go shhhhh.) and got myself an apartment, too. Rent's not bad either.

C8592EF5E52DAAFA3778420D21065D2977409DCF (1160Ã624)

Here's your boy Wilson, immediately regretting purchasing the house in the first place. I know I did, as well. Just like in real life, I could've used that money for FOOD. Shelter has never been a huge concern in Don't Starve, and I allowed the idea of purchasing this house to get the better of me. Still... I could possibly host kickass parties, once this shindig has been improved.

36CC4FC734DB910EE277425D4AE7073441A0253F (1160Ã624)

This is the best and worst idea Wilson has ever had. This helpful device allows you to re-invent the Don't Starve meta. Who needs a stupid Miner's Hat when you have the next best representation of Gorgonzola from the Cartoon Network show 'Chowder'?

Image result for chowder tv show gorgonzola

Who even remembers this guy?


F59D970A8679BA2E4D481E2F4BA37DE3C8DE91B1 (1170Ã628)

Pro-tip: Don't eat Tubers. They'll poison you, break up your marriage, sell your home, and take the kids in the proceedings. But really, they'll just poison you and that debuff sucks. They'll poison you even when cooked. However, pigs won't hesitate to eat them should you leave them on the ground. I now have a plan to become the new mayor of this here town! For legal reasons, it's in no way related to anything I stated earlier.

BD81E219F2082036796BCF88CF373E3FA196AAB4 (1170Ã628)

Don't just walk, run the other way and do not turn back. I don't think this guy can ever be your friend under any circumstance.

0ECC8EE34713D6B5C188810453EDF88F4044712A (1170Ã628)

These Thunderbirds can pick up a good signal. Wonder if I can tune them to pick up some 'Queen' songs...

8901E86CC1BDE2435584BB8F1308802F9B48E227 (1170Ã628)

I seemed to have angered the cockroaches. Good thing Drone #769739 is actually a good drinking buddy of mine! We were able to talk this over random sounds of coughing and what sounded like a mix between a cheese grater going straight though a wood chipper.

72253FD348A155EDFC63D8BF5352AEEF108DBF0F (1170Ã628)

Afterwards, Drone #769738 took me to his bachelor pad. Man, did I dig the lights. Claimed the queens go crazy over them. Some more good news was that they were filled with honey and not whatever cockroaches shoot out when inebriated, which was good to know when I bumped into one accidentally and nearly coughed up my lunch. The giant maggot inside was happy to see me as well.

I'll post some more of my adventures when I can.

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TheKingDedede    3,013

This'll be a small post from me. Nothing too fancy and I'm still getting the hang of this DLC.

F57EB9B3B105BF9B7A2692B21BC4FB12BAC50F00 (1160Ã624)

Geez, with the game focusing around Pig Civilians and their Towns, I wonder who this happened to? Still, I probably didn't like them in the first place, so no harm done here.

14768A868CF477B523201574EEAF9F8C629057BC (1074Ã574)

A decrepit ruins entrance. You don't have to pay rent, but you get no utilities whatsoever and the landlord is most likely dead. Sounds like a plus to me.

A62396A3E4A0F97213565A4E3694B427DC384152 (1074Ã574)

Adventuring on the cheap. I both like and hate the Candle Cork Hat. It's good for exploring these busted ruins, yet eats up fuel fast. Also, I was lucky enough to run into a Wishing Well within the first room I entered. Supposedly, you can throw money into them for a small chance to get healed. I threw in one coin and it worked. Also, remember to smash pots with a hammer. They have a good chance of giving you a Pig Skin, since the alternative means becoming the Don't Starve equivalent of Jason Voorhees.

295790000FAB4738A667DE05FC8051E57ADB0E0B (1162Ã624)

Poison, how I hate you. I'm here lying down on the ground and these two couldn't be bothered to buy me some Anti-Venom. they're next on the list of things that... need to go.

I've seen some other interesting things in this DLC floating about on these forums, so I'll see if I can get to them and showcase them to you guys. Peace for now.

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