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Can of Silly String?

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While playing through the game and seeing what I could find, I found a can of silly string. Anyone can get this if you give the Pig Queen either the Regal scepter or the Pig crown. From giving her these items you gain the key (item on the left) and can use it to get the key of the city or this Can of Silly String. I’m not sure where it can be used and I think it’s how one unlocks the new character, Wilba. 

Any ideas on what to do?


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5 hours ago, DerWischmop said:


It can be used to build the Skyworthy, an equalent to the seaworthy from shipwrecked. Credits for the screenshot @__IvoCZE__



The Skyworthy is buffed , allowing traveling EVEN to Shipwrecked AND Survival.

I think it will be only 1 per game so there would be a another way to hamlet

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