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  1. please tell me it wasnt any of the original four sets.
  2. Huh. I still want to play the course for the skin, but can't
  3. I can't launch the game without the process ending itself a few seconds after startup.
  4. funcaps are pretty epic if you are wolfgang with a hunger belt.
  5. Oshnu snurtle shell skin for DST, now that griftlands is out? Oni, Hot lava both have their own skins too-
  6. Everybody would... Back to the cawnival, I had an idea for a giant wooden woodpecker type enemy/boss in a forest. Interesting to see a wooden crow type npc.
  7. If you suffer such lag/performance issues, then you should play on a different server. If it persists even onto your hosted game, consider upgrsding your computer.