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  1. I apologize. Anyways, there is a bit of skepticism simply because you can insert any media/files right into your post.
  2. There is an adventure mode that is accessible inside the survival mode using a special structure in the world.
  3. It is suprisingly easy, you just need to login using your microsoft account.
  4. i'm still butthurt since June 2016, when i missed the bottomless firepit due to no money back then This thread is getting spicy to be honest.
  5. Sadly I missed the actual early access by a few months, I already knew about DST back then, just wasn't able to get it, and im still fairly upset about the whole bottomless firepit thing grrrrr
  6. I believe this would invalidate his poll, as frequently less and less people would come, skewing the results. It is better to have an unbiased poll, one that attracts more people.