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  1. I wonder why... Maybe "everyone" reacts with confused because they are confused.
  2. Mine world ( around day 911, map was written by sailing for a loong time, around a year I think) Wormholes in the desert lead to the 3-walrus biome which leads to pig king and Moon stone There's also a reed setpiece right opposite of the base ( in desert) EDIT: unfortunatelly this map is before the seed worldgen patch, meaning that there's no seed.
  3. Maybe it could be unlocked as a recipe by Pearl's trading?
  4. Unfortunatelly Carrats (outside of the YotC event from february, outside of HN via using moon potion on a carrot) and Saladmanders ( outside of Hallowed Nights event - via using the moon potion on a dragonfruit) don't naturally respawn or get farmed.
  5. So it's not a mod issue. I have also repaired the Pearl's house to 2nd tier and then after a second got dc'd too.
  6. I have played the game and sailed to the Hermit's Island to test things. I have been getting disconnected for no reason.
  7. It was around 2 weeks not counting Turn of tides ( since that got a major bug I believe )
  8. Mr. Higgsbury, I don't feel so good-