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  1. So We want Forge and Gorge... Developers propably didn't understand that the servers would be hosted by players and ANY kind of progress stopped... This way Klei could only start the progress from X to Y time as normally. ( and don't turn this thread into the ones that are similiar to Ddlc Act 2 please )
  2. Walls?

    *uses antlion boulders cause they are better to remove, able to be moved somewhere else etc.*
  3. Screenshot showcase

    One time my lake didn't fill up so fast in summer, so I started spamming cry emojis... ( in the rain ) then the lake filled up and i was kinda happy ( like meh hahah meh happy ) because before that a lightning struck me and i died... beefalo was on fire, everything was burning and then the beatiful base i made there burned down too. I was so sad that I rollbacked and filled the lake with salty tears. NOOTORIELOUS...
  4. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    funny thing that the JoeS edit is older
  5. there is a way to add regen of resources to survival ( only if you host the world ) Go into files of game: Don't Starve Together\data\databundles - scripts and edit gamemodes.lua in notepad ( ++ version can be used too )
  6. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    WTF?? XD ( edit by me )
  7. Excuse me What the F!??!!!7 I will test the skip-days command with aporkalypse turned on, wish me luck.
  8. Then why would they upgrade and run an event on tons of servers THAT NEED MONEY TO RUN?
  9. On Critters

    i misreaded that as deltarune juvenille xd
  10. While it's clear that the Gorge won't be getting an update it is currently in great condition...
  11. I say Lanterns are better than the miner hat. And when slurpers slurp the miner hat off and there are some splumonkeys... they take it!
  12. I think that the Metheus puzzles are gonna be rather weird cause 2 accounts blah blah AH
  13. Ornery Beefalo Bug

    Whenever it should go in heat, it will visually get a red butt and heat animations but won't attack anything ( 100 % domesticated )
  14. Hamlet idea for Wes

    he says ''' .... ... ... ..... ''''