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  1. Let Duplicants Ride Sweepy

    make it collapse under Stinky because he is stinky.
  2. Noooo- I meant that she is russian!
  3. So far it seems like San Francisco/ North France due to the island in the distance but it can be *literally any location with an island*
  4. You are literally holding a pickaxe.
  5. or maaaybee four *distant wheezing* or fiveee!
  6. Screenshot showcase

    Interesting, also couldn't quote, had to multiquote you. Seems like I fixed your post in the quote by multiquoting it. lol. Try reinstalling google/doing a virus check to see if it is your-side.
  7. Count to 200 without interruption

    seventy one
  8. Fix Spoilers

    And I can't Quote without using the Multiquote tool, @GetRektKids, It is very strange. Edit: Now the Quote button works, what is happening?