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  1. don't. otherwise he may make actual vore animations.
  2. Pig Oinc Casino

    10 oincs is a gold nugget. heck.
  3. Tried to read randomly, started at dupes becoming canibals for some reason... 10 outta 10
  4. the word is since. sans is this thing right here:
  5. It's actually not like fully made, just the base thing.
  6. Shadows cause a lot of fires since the Board in Next Kin Cinematic... also please fix it.
  7. New character this month

    He is looking into a wardrobe XD
  8. Thread for absurd ideas

    Don't abuse turtles... TOGETHER!
  9. Skin mod: Illegal?

    what the heck is that image?
  10. Unfortunate Screecaps

    Retarded child solves world oxygen hunger. ( and yes, this is my world, i suck at oni ) Also this:
  11. people don't look so at leaks because spoilers and things... plus having a admin post makes it confirmed it's true and not a time-waster.
  12. New character this month

    that is older than like the florid postern.
  13. just make her a tree and make her be able to catch on fire
  14. Ivo's Painful Arts

    A sneak peak:
  15. Victorian Wes was supposed to emit soot particles as he walked. that is the hallowen wendyplant flower reskin ( abigail's flower )