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  1. I confused the two, yeah, she's actually 10 given all the dates in the story.
  2. You could say we are within a spool distance to it.
  3. I believe that Wigfrid-singing-fail and the wigfrid performance status icon were animated.
  4. Luckily Toadstool exists and mushtrees but those are cave-limited...
  5. The only issue I may have is the rock fruits not generating rocks as fast as they used to, but that is still solvable with the abridged horticulture, right?
  6. It was because due to disabling the event, not because the ""quotes"" were missing. It will work on console just fine, with the exception of using event items when they are very much not supposed to be used outside of the event/ if there's no compability.
  7. Someone call a chief because this thread needs recooking.
  8. I'm pretty sure that the grooming stations, all the functions and skins will stay in the update. quote me on this if I'm wrong.
  9. They will be, you can turn on the event in May QoL update coming next month.