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Naruchii    28

What I have found so far ...

1. You can stay over inside any shop, this is a cheap way to survive through out the night..
2. Cleaning Poop in front of pig citizens will make them give you Oinc!
3. Tuber is poisonous! DO NOT EAT IT~
4. Even after cooked, bug beans and gummy slug drop sanity when eaten..
5. Security Contracts can be bought as much as you want (as long you have the money),
    one contract for one pig security guard for 3days!
6. Clippings are great! they don't spoil, you can eat it and it also heals HP~
7. You can earn more Oinc by giving things the citizen ask for (so not just by selling things to the store clerks)!!
8. if Your Shack caught in fire, one of the Pig repairman will fix it but it will lost its outer look but all the interior and your things inside intact as before..
9. Humid season is really bad if you using Willow due to sanity drop
    (my shack and farms are keep getting on fire to the point I don't bother to remake farms anymore)..
10. Always buy cloth if you see it in the Store, so far I don't know any other way to get it except buying it!
11. From Day 25 on use Gas Mask (last for 2 Days-ish)..
12. Use Gas Mask to explore the poison swamp area..
13. Cork Bowl Cannoe is portable!

Problems that I have so far ...

1. if you using Willow and holding the lighter, somehow you gotta re-equip the lighter when you changing map or it will be seen as you not equipping the lighter..
2. fps drop in certain area..
3. TopHat Lamp will make the game crash (tried 3x)
4. Sanity drop when Humid season is in session..
5. Don't know how to kill flies(?) that bother our face..


NOTE : Gonna update this again later on, I'm a slow player so you guys most probably/definitely already found way more than me..

Made a better compile of my findings here

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